couple on the beach with their love tent in the background
Hedonism lives!

"It's better to have a love affair in a tent on the beach,
        than to live in a mansion all by yourself"---
                                      Jim Rohn, 1985,
                     "7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness"

Romantic bedroom ideas...
Okay, so maybe you're not living the romantic nomad thing with your honey... sugar-white sand, sparkling turquoise waters, and a warm tent at night. That's okay; with a little work and imagination, you can make your bedroom just as pleasurable and dreamy as any cabana in Fiji.

Know what a hedonist is? If you don't, then go look it up, 'cause we want you to get into a hedonist mindset as you go about sprucing up your boudoir.  We'll help you mastermind a complete overhaul. Make way for relaxation, comfort...and romance!

First, take a moment to think about the functions of your bedroom. Has it turned into another family room? Is there constant casual traffic in-and-out by children, animals and other invaders? 
                                       cats sitting on the couch watching TV

Has it become a repository for unpaid bills, with a cluttered desk staring you in the face first thing in the morning? Is it home to heaps of dirty laundry and unmade beds? Do you drape jackets and panty hose over your (unused) exercyle in the corner?
Repent! Start today to re-claim this private little sanctuary, your safe haven of rest and rejuvenation. Determine NOW that you're going to decorate and maintain this one little clutter-free oasis, hidden away from the rest of the crazy world. Keep it private for you two, and insist that all visitors knock and ask for permission to enter.

                                        door with do not disturb sign on doorknob

We've assembled some great ideas here to help you turn your bedroom into a "Pleasure Emporium". So grab pen and paper, and let's get started. Our guide below will help you to:

  • Decorate the "King"
  • Create a soothing and enchanting retreat
  • Add romantic, sensuous and spiritual accents
  • Enjoy your new love nest

          ROMANTIC BEDROOM IDEAS  small love heart with arrow piercing it
                   "THE KING"  

Romantic bedroom ideas...

  • Start with the bed...the king. Literally. Get a King-sized bed if it'll fit. If you've ever slept on one, you'll never go back. Otherwise, get the biggest bed that'll fit.
  • The frame and headboard- Do you sleep in the bed of your dreams? Well, why not? To acquire the perfect bed is a very worthwhile goal. You spend a third of your life in there... sleeping, relaxing, and make it grand!
  • Buy a "memory-foam" 3 or 3.3 inch mattress topper for your new bed. (2" is not enough; 4" is too much). If you've ever slept on one of'll never go back. It will improve your quality of life. (Buy the real stuff...a little pricey, but a small price to pay to live in the lap of luxury). We found a site that sells them at a good price with free shipping at:
    My Dream Mattress.
  • You are now on a mission--to find the absolutely perfect bedspread for your new king...get catalogs and go to all the department stores in town. Don't quit til you find "the one" for you. Stick to soothing, relaxing colors...not stimulating red and depressing black. Earth tones and calming greens, blues, beiges are nice. Make sure you can live with the color scheme, because the bedspread is going to be your color palette for the rest of the room.
  • Flannel or fleece sheets in the winter (soft and warm)
  • Cool cotton or satin sheets in the summer (a word of warning about satin cannot keep a satin topsheet on the bed. It's amazing...really...we haven't decided if it creeps off in microscopic increments, or waits 'til you go to work, then slides off in one quick motion...either way, it will be in a crumpled heap on the floor when you get home... we tell you no lie).
                                         satin sheet crumpled in the floor

Here's another idea for building a romantic bedroom retreat:
A platform bed!

With our ever busy personal and professional lives, it’s more important than ever to treat ourselves to the bedroom, a home retreat for R&R.  It is essential to have a place that you can relax in, that you enjoy and which also displays a style that defines you.  Why not create a romantic, practical, yet functional stylish bedroom?  The contemporary style is very popular today, encompassing stylish bedding, accessories and furniture.  To complete this style in your home, there are wonderful modern bedding sets, accents and accessories and platform beds which combine a romantic, yet crisp and clean style to your room and home. 

Romance your Room

It’s easy to give your room’s personality and décor a face lift with a few stylish, contemporary pieces.  Begin by choosing a simple platform bed as your canvas and add romance and style with vibrant bedding, accessories and more.


          ROMANTIC BEDROOMS-- small love heart with arrow piercing it


Romantic bedroom ideas...

  • Remove all clutter---do a thorough spring cleaning; get rid of at least half the junk in your bedroom.
  • Move the desk, computer, exercise equipment OUT. They don't belong in your new-found escape hatch.
  • Find other places in your house to accumulate bills, books, pill bottles, dirty dishes and soiled laundry. Not the bedroom.

                                           messy desk cluttered with bills

  • Now for the floor...need new carpet? Get it! If you have tile or wood floors, buy some luxurious new sherpa throw rugs.
  • Paint the walls one of the lighter colors from your "bed- spread palette". Go to the paint store or home improvement center. Get one of those textured wall paints...they impart a rich, soft dimension to your space.
  • If you need new furniture, dressers, etc., get the best you can afford. But there's no need to spend thousands at an upscale furniture gallery. Check out the used furniture spots, antique stores and thrift shops. There's some treasures to be found at reasonable prices. Fix 'em up and put your look together...shabby chic is in.

                                                  girl refinishing dresser for her new romantic bedroom


Romantic bedroom ideas...

  • The candle is the light of love. Get lots of them. Scented ones are great.

                                               lots of romantic candles in a darkened room
  • Put a dimmer switch on the overhead light... they're easy to install...ask the guy at Home Depot for help.
  • Get a massage oil warmer and some Bindi oil. (Visit our Massage Parlor for ideas).
  • Buy a massage table...if you have room, leave it set up... get sheepskin covers for it
  • Hide a cd player in the soothing, erotic and romantic music (see Sounds)
  • Fresh cut flowers in a crystal vase on the dresser-- they're cheap at the supermarket...or pick wildflowers for free
  • Get a hot tub...there must be some place in your house you can fit it in. (It's one of life's ultimate're a hedonist now, remember?)
  • Get one of those widescreen TVs, a 34-incher. (They've come way down in price to below $1,000 if you look around). Hook it up to a dvd player. Voila!  Home theatre for two... now stock a full library of old romance classics and chick flicks. And Humphrey Bogart & John Wayne for him. (Check out Stella's Hot Picks- DVD list)

                                                    carton of movie popcorn                   
  • Want to cover all your bases? Renovate your bedroom using the principles of Feng Shui. These guidelines are in keeping with simple, practical and tasteful design. Visit our compact and easy  Feng Shui guide to romance.

                                                oriental symbol for yin and yang

You know, you really don't need the touch of a professional interior designer for your bedroom. Just plain old homey you will do... so long as you make the bedroom a priority and commit to keeping it spare, private, sexy, serene... a place to dream and talk and love together.

Got 'er done? Excellent. Now try it out... unplug the phone, hang out the "Do Not Disturb" sign (yes, really), cut the lights, pop in an erotic,  romantic CD, fire up a scented candle and massage your mate--- awesome stuff!

                      woman pouring hot oil on her man for romantic massage


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