The romantic and revealing games we have selected for this section are not particularly complex, or "brainy", or built to last through the abuse of generations of children. But, they are oh, so valuable in other ways...

A romantic game is a clever and fun means of opening communication and promoting understanding and sensuality between partners in romance.

How else are you going to get him to sit down with you, bare his soul a little bit, and speak from the heart?

That's the real value of a good romantic game!


One of these games will be just right for you two.... or better yet, start a romantic games collection!  


Romantic Games: Dig A Little Deeper!

Alright, so technically this isn't a game... but it's just as much fun! And man, you guys are guaranteed to get some important communication going with this relationship compatibility test. We bill it as a fun and revealing workbook for couples. It touches on hot issues, life philosophies and everyday life, as well as the sexual compatibility test in the back!. A fun, funny and easy way to get a sneak peek inside your lover's head.

Click here to learn more about  "Dig A Little Deeper"


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101 nights of grrreat romance book

Romantic Games: 101 Nights of Grrreat Romance, by Laura Corn

This is a big fat book crammed with great new ideas guaranteed to light up your romantic life together! Each week, you each tear out your "him" & "her" sealed recipes for romance. No peeking! Then, you each plan your scenario, and sometime during the week, surprise your honey with an original romantic rendezvous.

This "kit" is geared more towards a couple living together, but with a little planning, it will work for any couple, at any stage of relationship. Some of the packets get a little racy, but are not nearly as explicit and intimate as "101 Nights of Grrreat Sex". The introduction is an excellent must-read. Laura Corn has put together a well thought-out and clever "love kit" here... so let the romance commence! Learn more about 101 Nights of Grrreat Romance  (*Note: do not buy this book used; the sealed pages will be torn out).



to know you better romantic gameRomantic Games: To Know You Better

Here's a delightful and fun way to "draw" your partner out... and engage them in some revealing, thought-provoking conversation. The game begins with each player choosing an "activity prize". And that can only be a good thing, right? Then, the play begins with a roll of the dice and a Question card.

An often funny, always entertaining way to learn more about each other... your hopes and dreams, experiences, preferences. You may be surprised by what you learn about your partner with this game. There is no physical intimacy involved; it concentrates on the art of positive conversation. And, it would make a great gift for that hard-to-buy-for couple on your list. Learn more about To Know You Better Game


two to tango romantic game

Romantic Games: Two To Tango

This game is deemed "The Couple's Wish Box". It can be played as a romantic evening sitdown game or used as a great source of ideas for your next romantic interlude together.

There are 300 fresh, original activity cards, plus 50 blanks so you can create your own. Some of the cards do get fairly intimate, promoting sensuous massage and creative kissing, but they are not overtly sexual in nature.

This game is a great way to bring a romantic spark back into your relationship, and also makes a perfect wedding or anniversary gift. Learn more about Two To Tango.


We are proud of our new section on romantic games, and strive to keep it honest and useful for our visitors. But we need your help to do so... Please let us know how these games worked out for you two, if you enjoyed them
, or if anything disappointed you. Or, if you know of a tasteful, romantic and fun game that should be included here,  email us. And thanks for your help.

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