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Plan your dream romantic getaway today...

We have below a couple of different ways to help you plan a perfect lover's rendezvous....

  • Several great ideas for interesting and romantic travel destinations to get you thinking.

  • "Our Best Romantic Getaway"-- visitor submitted stories of their favorite trip ever.

        SOME GREAT TRAVEL IDEAS FOR TWO small love heart with arrow piercing it

First, here's some of our own suggestions to get you brainstormin':

  • Plan a trip to your, or his, hometown... (if it's time)... you'll learn a lot about each other this way
  • Equitours:  Vacations on horseback!

                            loving couple riding horseback on a sandy beach
  • Plan a genuine, full-blown second honeymoon
  • Look into a marriage encounter weekend... some churches sponsor them
  • Bed & Breakfast... for a special romantic getaway today...
    Read this bloglet!
  • Experience the perfect little Caribbean getaway... this tiny island boasts 33 beaches, friendly folks, boat races, crystal clear snorkeling, yummy local restaurants, and the best part... sleep in a serene, comfortable villa on a very secluded beach... where can you find all this?

     beautiful beach with mountains and sparkling ocean
  • Another little-known Caribbean getaway... Caye Caulker, Belize. Unassuming, relaxing, genuine

    caye caulker belize beach scene getaway  Read our personal review here.
  • Never been on a cruise? You've got to... and spring for a balcony cabin if you can possibly afford it...              

                                        romantic cruise ship near a beach in the moonlight

  • Book a 24-hour train adventure. Check out the book "USA by Rail", by John Pitt

                      old fashioned romantic couple waiting to board train 
  • Plan little overnight or weekend getaways... often... these mini-vacations are essential for rest, rejuvenation... and romance.
  • Y'all hearing wedding bells? Have a Champagne Wedding on a Beer Budget with this great  Wedding Guide.

            "OUR BEST ROMANTIC GETAWAY" small love heart with arrow piercing it

Next is our great new travel feature, "Our Best Romantic Getaway", presenting true tales of great romantic trysts submitted by visitors to this website.

Did you ever have a memorable romantic travel adventure? Well, tell us about it and enter our contest for a great prize! Claim your fifteen minutes of fame right now... and later visit our other fascinating Mini Forums.

Tip: Please try to include a photo from your trip. It makes your new web page sparkle!

(Don't forget to check out our visitor's great romantic getaway stories which follow)




What Was Your Best Romantic Getaway?

Found a special travel spot that other lovers would enjoy? Well, share the wealth with your fellow Romance Warriors!

What Other Visitors Have Contributed

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Canoeing in the Ocala National Forest 
This might not sound that great, but the most romantic thing my husband John and I ever did was go canoeing on the Silver River near Ocala, Florida. …

Trip of a lifetime? Win a Prize! 
Have you ever seen this spot? Do you recognize it? We recently got this submission, with the great photo above attached. All the writer said was "I got …

Turning Point Trip To Florida 
For my birthday one year my boyfriend (now husband) surprised me by flying me down to Orlando, FL. We spent a whole week at Disney World. It is one of …

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