Ronz- Back off or pursue?

by Ronald
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

I fell in love with this girl and I know she felt the same way... but she already belongs to someone else. Because of my feelings for her, I made her confused now about her current relationship. I know that she is happy and enjoying the company of her new boyfriend.

Should I give up and back off or should I pursue my love for her?


Answer from Stella:


Back off, way off! She is enjoying her new boyfriend. No matter how much you love her, you cannot force her to love you back by "pursuing" her. That is the worst thing you could do.

Never force love, that is what kills it. My best advice to you is to hang back, stay polite and friendly, contact her only occasionally to see how she is doing... then wait and hope she comes back to you.

If she doesn't, then time to cut your losses and let it go.

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