Ruined Trust (the second time)

by Jupeng


What should I do because I just recently discovered that my wife had sex with another guy for 2 years before our marriage? .

I had this girl since 2009. .we are boyfriend and girlfriend.

On 2011, we had a long distance relationship but we have a constant communication.

As i go for vacation fr0m work, We meet each other for a m0nth or more every year.

The year is 2014 when I discovered that she has an affair with a man that is already married.

She said that nothng happend between them. So even if it is hard to believe, I accept her explanation.

So the year is March 2016 when I gave her a mobile but i secretly installed an app that m0nitor message conversations and call logs. It is called tracker. Last january 26 this year, 1 m0nth after our marriage, I purchased this applicati0n,this means that all of the c0nversati0ns since the time I gave the ph0ne appeard on the tracker server.

And i discovered that they are doing sex within the past 2 years. Now i d0nt kn0w what to do. She ruined my trus for the sec0nd time. I talkd to her and we cry,she cry, telling that theres n0 m0re between them.

I forgve her but I cann0t forget it. I d0nt kn0w if our relati0nshp will still work. What should i do? Everytime she refuse to have erotic text with me i always thnk of that guy.

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Ruined Trust
by: Anonymous

I am very sorry to hear about your heartache.

I am not an expert in this however I have been on both sides of this blade.

If you are willing to work on things I highly suggest a marriage counselor immediately.

The good news is she has not left you yet and with all this information you now have, you have not left her yet.

That means there is still hope. You both will have to commit 100% to only each other if this is to have any chance.

There are reasons people step outside the marriage. It is up to you and her to determine why this happened and for each of you to take your share of the responsibility.

This is not a time for finger pointing and the blame game if you both are invested. All of that will come out in therapy.

If you both believe your time together is worth fighting for then fight for it. Sometimes we have to leave in order to realize what we have.

A very important wake up call.

I wish you both the very best and in the event things don't work out just remember...everything happens for a reason!

Good luck.

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