sagittarius the archer zodiac love match          


You can be described as intellectual, imaginative, mature, wise. You have far-reaching ideas that usually prove to be right. You are tolerant, trustful, intuitive, fair-minded and can be funny.

You have a sympathetic and helpful mindset. You are loyal to your mate, and are very low-maintenance. A man is likely to find an energetic, spirited lover in you.

Problem is, you find romance to be an adventure. You may be very impulsive, and go through many love affairs. You are likely to only have one real love in your life, as you have very high standards. And you can be brutally honest with men. That can sometimes scare them off.

But once you've finally found the right one, it's likely to be a

bright, optimistic and adventurous union. A man couldn't ask for a more sincere, committed or fun companion.


ARIES: 3/21 thru 4/20       LIBRA: 9/22 thru 10/22
4/21 thru 5/20    SCORPIO: 10/23 thru 11/21 
5/21 thru 6/20     SAGITTARIUS: 11/22- 12/20
6/21 thru 7/21     CAPRICORN: 12/21 thru 1/19
7/22 thru 8/21         AQUARIUS: 1/20 thru 2/18
8/22 thru 9/21      PISCES: 2/19 thru 3/20

ARIES:   When these two fire signs get together, the plans are grand! You, Sagittarius, are a philosopher, seeking freedom and honesty in a big way. You see the big picture and help your Aries see it, too. You are entrepreneurial, constantly planning new projects, and you'll be passionate and driven about your ventures.  When you hook up with Aries, he'll be the one to keep an eye on the practical side of things---like time and money.  He also likes to be number one, and won't easily take a back seat to your projects. If you can sit still long enough to give your Ram the occasional attention and ego-stroking he requires, a relationship between you two could be a grand journey of the mind.

TAURUS:  Taurean men are of the patient earth element. He is a home-body, and likes to settle down. He is solid, stabilizing, ponderous. He may be slow-moving and procrastinate. You, Sag, are of the impatient fire element. You are very energetic, crave action, and may even be aggressive. Can these two signs get along? Yes, if you can learn to put up with his lower-burning fire, and tap into his innate sensuousness. He will be a good, solid rock on which to build a long-lasting relationship. And he will have to learn to speed up a little, get his head up in the clouds with you from time to time, and tolerate the time you spend on your projects.

GEMINI: Gemini is known as the ruler of the intellect. He has lots of ideas, plenty of energy, great communications skills. He will get you going, make you want to explore, learn and experiment. He is intellectually stimulating for you, making you come alive and be your best. You won't get much rest with a Gemini, but you won't be bored, either. Sag, you will help Gemini see the whole scheme, help him stay focused and on track. The down side? Gemini can be rather cold and unaffectionate.  He will need to keep some of his blunt opinions to himself, and learn to show you a little warmth and appreciation if he is to keep you satisfied. . How to get along? Gemini will have to be gentle and patient with your grand ideas. And you will have to learn to put up with his personality shifts. If you can both learn to cater to the other's needs a little bit, you are in for a serious, responsible, permanent, fruitful  association. Life will be an adventure of change, travel, and new ideas.

CANCER: There is always an explosive chemistry present when Cancer and Sagittarius hook up. Now this can lead to a fiery ignition of love, or just blow you two out of the water. You are a philosopher, seeking freedom and honesty in a big way. You see the big picture and help Cancer see it, too. Cancer has a sense of responsibility, a good head when it comes to financial security and real estate decisions. He is constructive, practical, conservative, and likes to settle down. You, Sagittarius, are the big entrepreneur, always off on the next project. See the clash here? Cancer will try to channel all your energetic forces into solid, constructive projects, and won't understand your far-reaching dreams. The upside of this match: awesome physical attraction. If you both can learn to compromise, compromise, can build a steady, interesting, and passionate love relationship.

LEO: When these two fire signs get together, it can ignite into an inferno! You, Sagittarius, are a philosopher, seeking freedom and honesty in a big way. You see the big picture and help Leo see it, too. The Leo sign is one of royalty. Leos are self-centered, bossy, fiery, generous, passionate, independent.  How can you two lofty dreamers come down to earth and catch fire? You, Sag, will have to sit still long enough to give Leo the constant attention and ego- stroking he requires. Your passionate Leo will have to learn to be patient with your projects and plans. If you can learn to give and take in this manner, you can have it all. The combination of Leo and Sagittarius can give rise to a union of unparalleled physical attraction, loyalty, affection, fire, and magic. It'll be worth the work.

VIRGO:  Virgos like to take care of everyone. They are simple, sensible, practical, responsible. They get the job done. This may make for a good match with free-wheeling Sagittarius, who can be irresponsible and impulsive, and neglect necessary tasks. Virgo can be a positive influence on you: ground you, slow you down, protect you,  help you fulfill your own potential. Now you, Sagittarius will help Virgo learn to dream,  expand his horizons. If you can learn to value Virgo for his detail-oriented level- headedness, and he can grow to respect your entrepreneurial dreams, you can go far together. One of your long-range projects, tempered by his basis in reality,  may well bear lots of fruit for you both.

LIBRA:   You, Sagittarius, are a philosopher, seeking freedom and honesty in a big way. You see the big picture and help Libra see it, too. You are constantly planning new projects, and will be passionate and driven about your ventures. You and Libra are favorably aspected, and can make for a grand achieving pair. Libra will provide the balance and solid foundation in reality that you need to come down out of the clouds on occasion. Your Libra will keep an eye on the practical side of things---like time and money. If Libra can quit being so measured and sensible, and forgive you your impractical hair-brained schemes, one of those long-range projects may well bear lots of fruit for you both.

SCORPIO:  A Scorpio man represents intrigue. He will awaken your sleeping soul--often by challenging your core beliefs. He  may open you up to the mystical or spiritual.  He may help you realize your innermost desires, and cause you to stop, question, seek the truth.  This introspection can be a good thing for too realistic Sagittarius. Heed these warnings, however: a Scorpio can at times be smothering, possessive, jealous, ruthless, controlling, plotting and sneaky. He's a scorpion, remember? But if you both can come to a balance of pride and control, and keep your anger managed, a love affair with a Scorpio can be an exquisite spiritual journey,  full of passion and mystery. You'll not be bored.

SAGITTARIUS:  Sagittarius is a philosopher, seeking freedom and honesty in a big way. Both of you? Sure, you'll respect and understand each other so well. The problem is, you both are entrepreneurial, constantly planning new projects, passionate and driven about them. And they usually aren't mutual  projects. That can work out great, if you can give each other lots of space and not try to run the other's show.  You'll both also have to make an effort to keep an eye on the practical side of things---like time and money. And, if you two can one day combine efforts, give-and-take enough to create one super long-range project, it  may well bear lots of fruit for you both.

CAPRICORN:  Capricorn, the zodiac "Daddy", is heavy, disciplined, cautious, rules-oriented, traditional. He can be given to spells of depression, and may think too rigidly for you, dreaming Sag.  On the other hand, his practical outlook may be just what you need to direct all that energy into a solid, usually career oriented,  goal. He may help you slow down and become more responsible. Unless you are mature enough to change in this way, or unwilling to support him in his dark times, Capricorn may not be the man for you. And, once again, unless he can lighten up sometimes, and play and dream with you, you're not likely to stick  around long enough for this interesting relationship to gel.

AQUARIUS:  An Aquarian man can get your motor running, in more than one way. He's an impulsive dreamer, full of grand ideas, lofty promises, and romantic gestures. He will touch your aspirations, get your hopes up, your head in the clouds, and often disappoint you by failing to deliver. An Aquarian is more cold and emotionally distant than you, sensuous Sagittarius.  But he may well be worth pursuing for his vital friendship and exciting energy. If you are realistic, and not blinded by his charms, a relationship with an Aquarius can be a pleasant, fruitful and romantic experience.

PISCES:  Pisces can bring out feelings of fear and guilt in you, Sagittarius. On the plus side, he can provide you with a sense of balance, and stimulate you both intellectually and spiritually. When you get together with Pisces, you can fall into an atmosphere of dreaminess and  mystery. This can be a pleasant and revealing experience for you, or can be negative and even a little scary. Pisces can be indirect and secretive, while you're honest and trustworthy. Can you learn to respect his privacy and accept his soothing energy, even if it dampens your dreams sometimes? It will take a lot of compromise and giving to make this one work.

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