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Scorpio, what an extremist! You can be domineering, ruthless, bossy, self-serving and strong-willed. You like to have your way, at all costs. There are people who do not like you, but they sure are aware that you're around. You are not the type to blend into the woodwork. You can be very appealing to the opposite sex because of the atmosphere of risk and danger that follows you around. You are an unsolved mystery, full of passion, intensity and sensuality.

You do not take your flirtations lightly. Love is vital to your soul and you will do whatever it takes to achieve it. You demand total loyalty and affection from your mate. You are therefore probably best matched up with a docile, giving man, who will let you have your way most of the time. 

Learn to temper that stinging will of yours if you want to open up more choices in romance and life in general.


ARIES: 3/21 thru 4/20       LIBRA: 9/22 thru 10/22
4/21 thru 5/20    SCORPIO: 10/23 thru 11/21 
5/21 thru 6/20     SAGITTARIUS: 11/22- 12/20
6/21 thru 7/21     CAPRICORN: 12/21 thru 1/19
7/22 thru 8/21         AQUARIUS: 1/20 thru 2/18
8/22 thru 9/21      PISCES: 2/19 thru 3/20

ARIES: An Aries man is strong, bold and dashing in nature.  He is enthusiastic and energetic in his romantic endeavors. He likes to win, especially in love. Aries' sign is marked by impatience, rashness and temper. He must learn to soften his hard nature in order to keep you around. Aries tends to take the lead, likes to call the shots early on, and may even be bossy. This will create friction with a strong-willed Scorpio. You  will help him realize his innermost desires, and cause him to stop, question, seek the truth.  This introspection can be a good thing for a sometimes shallow Aries. If you both can come to a balance of pride and respect, a love affair between you can be an exquisite spiritual journey,  full of passion and mystery. You'll never be bored.

TAURUS:  A Taurus man is the strong, silent type. He has both feet on the ground, has a plan and sticks to it. He can be stubborn, plodding, steady, almost too practical. However, he believes in traditional romance, with flowers, candy, walks on the beach and candlelit dinners. He values faithfulness and loyalty in romance. Although he may seem quiet, he is very passionate underneath, and may even be overly jealous or possessive of you. Now how will this type of man fit in with you, mystical, spiritual Scorpio? You'll be good for him,  help him realize his innermost desires, and cause him to stop, question, seek the truth.  This introspection can be a good thing for an earth-bound Taurus. And he will be good for you, as well, giving you direction, and helping you achieve your dreams. Together, you can create a partnership of undying love, mystery, passion and faithfulness. You'll never be bored or fall into a rut with this combination of stars.

GEMINI: Gemini is known as the ruler of the intellect. He has lots of ideas, plenty of energy, great communications skills. He will get you going, make you want to explore, learn and experiment. He is intellectually stimulating for you, making you come alive and be your best. You won't get much rest with a Gemini, but you won't be bored, either. The down side? Gemini doesn't have much of a mystical, spiritual, passionate side to him. He can be rather cold and unaffectionate.  He will need learn to show you a little warmth and appreciation if he is to keep you satisfied. But then he will find a passionate, spicy lover in you. Life with your Gemini will be an adventure of change, travel, new ideas. You can  build a satisfying commitment to one another, if you can learn to appreciate your different natures and fulfill each other's unique needs.

CANCER:  Cancer is the most sensitive, sympathetic, and moody sign under the stars. He reacts through feelings and emotions much more so than his mind. He can be generous to the point of gullibility and is often taken advantage of for this reason. Cancer loves romance, and that fits in just fine with you, passionate, sensual Scorpio. You are both affectionate and romantic, willing to spend the time and effort to keep an important love affair flaming.  Don't fall for a Cancer unless you're serious about love, because he doesn't play games once he's fallen. But then he is single-minded,  easy to read and to keep. If you can keep your sometimes selfish, bossy, ruthless traits under control, and not take advantage of your sweet Cancer, you can both come to a beautiful, passionate meeting of the minds.

 LEO:  Leo and Scorpio, two very passionate souls. This could make for quite an interesting combination. The Leo man is independent and self-assured, and likes to have his way. This may not set well with you, domineering, bossy Scorpio.  Your Leo is sentimental, romantic, dramatic, generous, fiery, self-centered. He can get carried away in his love life, loving so deeply that he fails to see obvious problems. It will be very hard for you to keep your manipulative tendencies under control, and not take advantage of sweet but spicy Leo. You will be very attractive to Leo, because you are an unsolved mystery, full of passion, intensity and sensuality. You may well have a successful blending because you both find love vital to your soul and will do whatever it takes to achieve it. You both demand, and are perfectly willing to give, total loyalty and affection to one another. Sweet!

VIRGO:  You,  passionate, intense Scorpio,  can be very good for practical, sensible Virgo. You can help him see and value beauty, and open up his hidden sensuality. Your Virgo man will take the lead in this relationship; he is the one who will start things moving between you. You are used to being in control, manipulating things to your liking. Will you be able to let your Virgo make decisions and set the tone in this affair? You can be domineering, ruthless, bossy, self-serving and strong-willed. You like to have your way, at all costs. This relationship will take much restraint and compromise to succeed. If you both can learn to adapt, though, you will make steady and passionate partners for life.

LIBRA:  You,  Scorpio, represent intrigue. You will awaken Libra's sleeping soul--often by challenging his core beliefs. You may open him up to the mystical or spiritual.  This introspection can be a good thing for a sometimes dreamy Libra. Your Libra is all about harmony, fairness and justice, and he's very sympathetic to those less fortunate. He tends to ponder things, weighing and balancing them. If you can learn to curb some of your stinging will, and learn to relax and give in on occasion, this love affair can be an exquisite spiritual journey,  full of passion and mystery. You'll not be bored.

SCORPIO:  When two Scorpios hook up, it can turn into a big power struggle. You both like to be responsible, call the shots, run the show. This combination usually works, in spite of that, because you're both so intense and spirited. You appreciate it in one another, and can become very jealous and possessive of one another.  Never try to con your Scorpio, or deliver less than your best to him. He will see right through it. The trick to success in this scenario is, you each must find your own sphere, where you are in control. And do not try to control his sphere, or, heaven forbid, change him. If you can follow these guidelines, then you will realize a union of unparalleled passion, intensity and sensuality. Worth fighting for!

SAGITTARIUS:  Sagittarius is a philosopher, seeking freedom and honesty in a big way. He sees the big picture and helps you see it, too. He is entrepreneurial, constantly planning new projects, and will be passionate and driven about his challenging ventures. You, Scorpio, will add spice and intrigue to this partnership. Your free-wheeling Sag could use a healthy dose of passion and romance in his life. Learn to curb your selfish, bossy tendencies, as Sag has a pretty agreeable disposition, but doesn't like to be manipulated. So give him some space, forgive him his impractical hair-brained schemes, and stick with him, for one of his long-range projects may well bear lots of fruit for you both.

CAPRICORN:  Scorpio, you and Cap blend together harmoniously! Capricorn is heavy, disciplined, cautious, rules-oriented, traditional. But for some reason, when he gets together with you, the chemistry is right. It can create lots of laughter, high energy and change. The two of you can be very successful in joint ventures. You, Scorpio, can be secretive, manipulative, and bossy. Capricorn is sincere and straightforward. You'll have to learn to lighten up and be honest with him. Appreciate his integrity and hard work. And, unless he can learn to play a little,  stop and smell the roses with you, you aren't likely to stick around long enough for this interesting relationship to gel.

AQUARIUS:  An Aquarian man can get your motor running, in more than one way. He's an impulsive dreamer, full of grand ideas, lofty promises, and romantic gestures. He will touch your aspirations, get your hopes up, your head in the clouds, and often disappoint you by failing to deliver. An Aquarian is more cold and emotionally distant than you, intense and passionate Scorpio. But he may well be worth pursuing for his vital friendship and exciting energy. If you are realistic, and not blinded by his charms, a relationship with an Aquarius can be a pleasant, fruitful and romantic experience.

PISCES:    When you get together with Pisces, you can fall into an atmosphere of dreaminess and  mystery. This is right up your alley, and can be a very pleasant and revealing experience for you. Pisces can be indirect and secretive, as can you, Scorpio. In order to truly connect, you must create a safe haven for yourselves, then go for it---delve into fantasy, mystery and romance. Can you both learn to respect each other's privacy and give the love and attention you both require to keep this affair cooking? It will take a certain amount of compromise and giving to make this work out, but should be worth it.

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