Sex or no sex?

by confusedwithlove

I recently got back with my ex and I am now beginning to wonder if it's time to have intimate relations with him. Before there was a little voice in my head telling me no not to do it but then after our break up and getting back, i noticed the voice is no longer there! I'm just not sure if it is a good idea because he is leaving for school in a month and we will be going our separate ways... we've arranged it so that while in school we are friends and during breaks we are together. We did this so that the distance and our emotions/missing each other won't interfere with our school works or ruin us again. You see, the last time we broke up was because of the distance....we still care for one another. 10 months after the breakup and here we are!

I'm just not sure....would it be stupid to do it with him within the next month? I'm so confused.

confused with love


Answer from Stella:

I vote NO. If you have held out this long, why complicate things with sex just before you are going to be separated physically for a long time?

I suspect you want to do it to try to "hold" him. Sex never holds a man, it won't work.

I just think you will regret it. I think you should keep the status quo for now and just let the relationship play out on it's own.

Hope this helps!

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