Should I let go or keep fighting for it?

by Skittlesz
(New York )

I've been dating this guy for a year and our relationship is not so good but I really love him. One of his friend tried talking to me and I told him about him before and one time me and my boyfriend was fighting and out of anger I kind of flirted back with his friend and I told him about it that his friend tried talking to me and he read our messages and he got so mad and kicked me out his room. One of his mentor talked to both of us and we tried to fix things and he went somewhere for a month for work and during that time he started talking to a girl and they had sex. When I found out I got so mad and I wasn't ready to let go so we kept talking and I finally couldn't handle it and let go and I started talking to someone but that didn't work and Me and him got back together. Ever since we got back is just not the best feeling with trusts and everything. We broke up and he went back to her and I found a rebound and I had sex with another guy because I was so mad that if he can have sex with someone with no feelings then I can too. We both realized we both love each other and we finally stopped all contact with the side chick and side guy. The other girl know we are back together and everything was going great. I have a bad problem when I get angry I always want to break up and end things and after I'm done getting mad I always tell him to come back. He finally got tired of this break up/make up thing and he just told me to move on. I love him a lot and I can't move on just yet. I want to keep fighting for him to let him know I'm really a whole new person. Not the immature girl that wants to break up every argument. I need help. Should I let go or keep fighting?

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