Should I let go?

by Sherry

I've been dating him for a year and he doesn't want to be alone with me because he thinks that I will try to initiate sex. We haven't had sex because he avoids it like the plague. He will not talk to me about it and I have tried for so long to be alone with him. We are rather young, 42 years old, and I am not willing to live without sex. I love him completely because he is kind and gentle but I love myself also.

From Stella,

He has a MAJOR problem. He may be kind and gentle, but he is not willing to give you what you need. Stay with him and you are destined for a life of misery. Find a man who likes sex, Sherry. Most LOVE it.

Sorry to be blunt, but this one was easy.

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by: Anonymous

I don't know what they are but he has ISSUES.

I've got more than a decade on him and I -want- my wife 10-12 times a week (every other day and a marathon 1 day of the weekend ;-})

maybe he's gay... ask him... you might be able to find a nice bisexual boyfriend for both of you.

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