Shy Boyfriend

by Laura

I am a 24 year old woman who is involved with a 30 year old divorced man. He had been married for 5 years. I've never been married (but am hopeful). He's very sweet with me and off-the-chart fantastic in bed both in terms of quantity and quality.

The strange thing is that he's sort of shy with me. We will be talking in bed in the morning and he will pull the covers back so he can see my body and will apologize for not maintaining eye contact while we talk. He will ask me at different times if he can touch me in different places and seems almost hesitant to come in the bathroom if I am in the shower.

How to put this? I would rather he be like, "Upstairs, naked, now" Or, "Hey, Baby. Come get in the shower with me", Or just telling me to blow him. He told me his ex used to read the paper while they had sex. I am not like that with him. As far as I am concerned, he can love me when I am a good girl and spank me when I'm a bad girl. How do you deal with a guy who's very capable but very shy?


From Stella,

Hi Laura, sounds like your problem is minor, you should read the last post I answered...

Anyway, Two things...

1. Your guy is NOT gonna change his nature. Some people are just shy when talking about sex, and he is one of them. It might not be logical, given that you say he is "fantastic" in bed. You want him to be more vocal and open about the subject. He's just NOT gonna be that way.

2. He sounds like a real sweetie. Why not just give up your wish for him to change and love him the way he is?

Good luck,

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