Sick love

by Grace

I had a boyfriend in my last year in high school. We've been through a year. We got an on and off relationship for about 6 years, without seeing each other anymore, we're just calling each other and chat on facebook and skype. When we were on the peak of our love story (the 1 year), he suddenly treat me coldly, and that's how we started that on and off relationship. He got sick, real sick, with no cure, I understand why he's unsure of what to do with us.

He doesn't even allow me to visit him and it hurts with the fact that I can't do anything for him. Right now, we're just friends, still calling each other but I still feel like we are a couple when we're actually not. I don't know what to do. I even tried to have relationships with others but I still go back to him. And he's like, "you can find a boyfriend, but not right now, you're still young". Something like that.

But the annoying fact is that, his friends can visit him, but why not me? I miss him so much. I last saw him at our graduation six years ago. Even we do call each other on skype, we do not do video calls. What do I do? Should I still be in love with him or should I gradually move on and accept the fact that we're not really meant to be together?

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