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Sign of a cheating mate...

Is (s)he having an affair?

There you are, all street-smart and savvy. You are always aware and alert for danger while out and about, for safety's sake. So where do you let your guard down? At home, of course.

Most people with an S.O. (significant other) claim that their mate would never cheat on them. But the sad truth is that infidelity DOES occur, only too often, by men and women alike. You need to stay alert and "street-wise" in your emotional dealings, too.

We sincerely hope that you have nothing to worry about. BUT, if you do have some doubts, just a gut feeling that things don't "feel right", then it's time to stop and take stock of the situation. Do not bury your head in the sand. Look for these cardinal red flags:

Sign of a cheating mate:

* Changes in sexual conduct:

  • Less desire for sex with you (getting it elsewhere)
  • Suddenly more adventurous with sexual desires, new positions or requests (learned elsewhere)

Sign of a cheating mate:

* Changes in attitude:

  • More attentive, "nicer" to you than usual, gifts, etc. (guilt; divert suspicion; usually early in the affair)
  • Gradually starts finding more faults in you; is more critical; definite change in attitude (justify the cheating in their mind; usually later in the affair)
  • Losing interest in the old homestead; no longer as attentive to house repairs, gardening, spending time with the children (pre-occupied)
  • Accuses YOU of cheating (divert suspicion)

Sign of a cheating mate:

* Changes in grooming habits:

  • Suddenly starts taking more care with her appearance than usual; new clothes, new perfume/cologne, makeup style, new hairstyle(to impress the new lover)
  • Frequent bathing, takes a shower as soon as he gets home (destroy the evidence)

Sign of a cheating mate:

* Telltale physical signs:

  • Smell of perfume on them; long blond hairs when you're a short, curly redhead; classic lipstick on the collar
  • You find strange receipts, unexplained credit card bills, scribbled phone numbers, condoms or birth control products you two don't use (uh-oh)

Sign of a cheating mate:

* Red Flag activity:

  • "Gotta work late again"
  • Mysterious phone calls, hangs up phone when you enter room, whispers on the phone, abrupt "hang-ups" when YOU answer the phone
  • Gets angry, defensive, or secretive when you look at her cell phone or computer
  • You catch him staring off into space with a smile on his face, a new and unexplained "glow" or excitement about them (infatuated)

Sign of a cheating mate

Use your common sense with this. He may have a temporarily decreased sex drive due to illness or work stresses. She may change the hairstyle just because she needs a change. That "hang-up" may just be an impatient telemarketer.

Use this list of factors "in context". You will likely find something here that he/she does on occasion. The key is this: Is it new and unexpected behavior? Is it just a one-time occurrence, or are there new patterns emerging? Are you finding more than one or two red flags?

If you have run through our checklist here, and find no evidence of these strange behaviors, then relax, you're probably safe. Enjoy the relationship. But, if your investigation has given you more cause for alarm, it is time to take a more pro-active approach to the situation.


Sign of a cheating mate...

Okay, you've thought this over, and it looks suspiciously like he or she may really be having an affair. In your anger and hurt, you may be tempted to lash out, confront, accuse the dirty dog! That is the worst thing you could do at this point, and here's why:

  1. You have no evidence. If you have no proof, the offending party can deny, deny, deny, and may really be convincing, to boot. Where does that leave you? With lots of doubts and no answers.
  2. She has been alerted. If indeed, she is cheating, she will be much more careful now. She will clean up her act, and may even end the affair for now. You may never get to the truth.
  3. You might be wrong! If you accuse him of infidelity without any proof, and he's innocent, you can do serious damage to the relationship. The trust will be broken, both ways. And broken trust is almost impossible to restore.

What you need now is proof. Normally, we advocate strict respect for the privacy of your mate. This means no snooping in their personal affairs, emails, pockets, snail mail, or voice messages. If you have no reason to suspect him/her, then back off, and show them this basic respect.

But, if things have gotten to the point that you are pretty sure he is having an affair, nothing is to be gained by turning your back on the situation. You will just be suspicious and miserable. This is no way to deal with the situation. You must find out the truth, for peace of mind, and the future of your relationship. Privacy rules no longer apply. Time to dig deeper...

You will now become an amateur detective. Keep strict track of your mate's activities for the next 2-3 weeks. Get a calendar book.

Out On the Prowl:
Record the mileage on his car and compare it to where he says he went. How far is work? Find out. Record the time he leaves for work, and the time he returns.
Is he working late? Check his paycheck stubs to see if the OT is in there. Match up your written record with the stub hours.

There is one very easy way to find out exactly where your lover is prowling... get a "car tracker". The technology is now available and very affordable. Get one ofthese tiny gps mini-tracker keys, and hide it in his car. Then retrieve it a few days later, plug into your computer, and get a detailed report of where he's been!
This one works quite well:


Three tips:

  • A GPS works best with no metal between it and the sky (satellites). Although it has a magnet for attaching to the car body, the best place is to hide it on the rear window shelf or dash, or door pocket, or even inside the tail-light lens. Keep in mind that most people do not search their car routinely.
  • Put fresh batteries in before you set it up. Tape over the green light with electrical tape.
  • This also works great for keeping tabs on your teen. It even tells you how fast they drove!

Cell Phone Use: Many cheaters use a cell phone to communicate with their lovers. Get the detailed bill of her calls. Is there a strange number thatis called frequently? Do a "reverse cell phone number lookup" online. If there is a small fee, pay it. Match up times called to that number. A good place to start is the first number called when your mate first leaves for work and the same number called again right before they return home.

Money: They have to pay to play. Look for some evidence of increased spending, check stubs, bank statements, credit card bills, motel, restaurantand gift receipts.

Snooping:  Now is the time to do a thorough search for clues. Look in his/her wallet, purse, glove compartment, briefcase. If you can, look at their emails. Get ahold of her cell phone and check out her contacts list. Nothing is sacred now. Once again, the ONLY time we advocate this is when you are trying to get to the truth,and save your relationship.

Came up empty handed? Still have strong suspicions? Not sure enough to let it go? Get professional help. Fork over the bucks to have a private investigator do a little surveillance on your partner. They are in the yellow pages under "Detective Agencies" or "Private Investigator". You might not like what you find out, but the money will be well worth the peace of mind. A quality relationship can not thrive under a cloud of suspicion and mistrust.

We wish you the best of luck with this, and hope things come up smelling roses for you guys! But realistically, this is such a pervasive problem that we felt this little "heads up" article may well hit home and be most useful for some of you.


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