Silently pining over him

by Louise Brooks

First thing's first: my friend and I likes the same guy. I act as an older sister to this friend of mine and it feels like liking the guy she has been crazy about (and im giving her love advices with) is a horrible thing for me to do. Because I am lying to her. I didn't liked the guy the first time I met him. But time passed by that I saw him differently. Now, we are really good friends. These past few weeks, this guy and I have been spending time with each other because of school stuffs. Plus the fact that we will be going to an island over the next few weeks because of a competition.

I feel bad too because I already slept next to him for two times. I know that my friend knew about that but she never opens up that topic to me so I assume she didn't really want to talk about it. So I did too. I really enjoy this guy's company. This guy doesn't really show interest to my friend. It's just her who assumes that she was being treated specially. The way I see it, the way he treats other girls is just the same as mine, my friend and others so it was pretty hard to know what's going on in his head.

But I am completely, slowly, falling harder for him. The more time we get to spend with each other, the more I see him wonderfully. But I don't want to hurt my friend by lying. I know it's easy to just tell her the truth but I just can't risk it. ;(

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