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                       Creative Marriage Proposals
Vivid Videos- It's all the rage, and for good reason! But it's
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            The Guy Page-Why this site is great for men, too.

HELP ME FIND TRUE LOVE -- Intro to our plan to help you find true love
            The Help Desk-Steps you can take to find true love
                       Step 1- Take a good look at yourself first
                       Step 2- Self improvement---Diet, Smoking, Drinking and Drugs
                       Step 3- Coping Skills-- Meditation, Exercise, Depression
                                    & Anxiety, Menopause, & "Help from above"
                                      Generic TM- A friendly guide to get you started
                       Step 4- A "New Look" for you: Our guide is free and excellent
                                     The Hair Salon
                                      Makeup & Skin Care
                                      Wardrobe renovation
                       Step 5- Where & how to meet men (& a few simple tricks)
                       Step 6- Dating Dos & Don'ts (Your dating strategy)
                       Step 7- The Love Workshop (Our cool library)
                       Step 8- Full Circle... Ready, set... stop! A must for you!
                       Step 9- Found Him? Keep him! Or her...
            Online Dating Survival Guide
                       Online Dating Tips & Safety on the 'net
                               Dating Online Stories- funny & fun!
                       Write a perfect Personal ad
                       6 Best Dating Sites on the web... we do the legwork for you
            It's In the Stars- Astrology for lovers
                       Zodiac Love Match Tool-Is he right for you?
                       Your Love Horoscope for the Month, a free resource 
                       Why Astrology? A no-nonsense approach to horoscopes
            The Magic of Love  -New Age Goodies, give 'em a try...
                       Tarot of Love  
                       The Viking Runes
                       Feng Shui
                           Your Feng Shui Guide for Romance

KEEP OUR LOVE ALIVE - Our intro page to help you keep it!
            Priority One - Is there anything more important to your happiness?
                       Dig A Little Deeper- A fun and fantastic way to grow your love.

                       Throw out all that modern crap -What works for you?
                       Make your bedroom a shrine (Hedonism lives!)
                       The Sensuous Woman (About Sex)This stuff is great!
                       Fun & Unusual Romantic Ideas (Keep him guessin')
                               Travel for two- Romantic getaways
                               Imaginative gift-giving for lovers
                                    Printable love coupons for him
                                    Printable love coupons for her
                               Long-term relationship advice from the pros
            Tastes- Food for lovers!
                       Stella's Essential Cookbook Collection
                       Food For Lovers: Learn the Art of Culinary Seduction!
                                    Our most excellent new cookbook, not to be missed.
                       Choice Romantic Dinners for two - Plus Menus & Recipes
                                   Beginners Wine Guide
                                   The Dinner Recipes
                       Secret Surprise Picnics
                                   Guide To Cheese
                                   The Picnic Recipes
            Sounds- For Love (Romantic & sensuous music)
            Scents- Aromatherapy for love
                       Primer on Aromatherapy
            Sights- Love Flicks
            Touch- The Massage Parlor
            Humor- The "sixth sense"
                       The Slightly Naughty Playroom Yep!
                           Romantic & Revealing Games- "Getting to Know You"
                           Naughty At Home- Some spicy and tasteful fun
                           Incredible Edibles- Skip dinner.... head straight for dessert
                           Black Light Fun- Dare to be a kid again!


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            The Magic Pen- "Soul Central"
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