Spa Girl or old GF?

by Confused Guy

I am 27 years old. I have broken-up with my GF a year ago, after 12 years of relationship. This is because I felt there was no "MAGIC" anymore. Soon I met this girl who work in a SPA as a Massage Therapist. I fell in love with this girl. There is "MAGIC" with us.

However, I am hurting because she, the massage therapist, always lies to me. Even if she promises not to do it again. I feel so hurt and devastated. I want to leave her, but I can't because I love her. I hate her job, because she has to service different guys every single day. I am anxious that she is doing some sexual acts, just like her co-workers.

However, I am still seeing my ex-GF, the one I stated above. I know I still love her, its just that I feel little attraction.

I want to break-up with the massage therapist because I'm hurting with her, but I can't because it will be painful to leave her.

I want to go back to my ex-GF, but I am afraid I will not be happy with her and the "MAGIC" will not really come.

Who should I choose? Thanks so much.

Answer from Stella:

Dear Confused Guy,

Who should you choose? NEITHER. If you choose the spa girl, you will never trust her, and for good reason. She lies to you and is probably a prostitute, from your description. If you choose your old GF, you will not be happy and it would not be fair to her to take her back if you do not feel any "attraction".

Cut your losses, be fair to everyone concerned, cut ties to both girls and lay low for a while. The right girl will eventually enter your life.

Hope this helps!

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