Standing Alone

Dear Stella,Im engaged to an italian who is 3 years younger then me.He's 19,Im 23.The problem is that I can't think of one person who will rejoice at our union. my mother dislikes him vehemently,my close friends are urging me to leave him before he breaks my heart and date a man whos older and more mature,his brother says im a whore trying to take advantage of his naive brother,and my siblings say in a few years he will become a man,realize he was a fool to have married so young,and leave me.

Stella,I feel so alone."Anthony" knows only a little of what people say.I dont want him to turn against his family or think ill of my siblings and friends(he already knows my mother despises him).He says he wants to marry me near the time of his 20'th birthday which will be in 5 months.He is very mature and extremely intelligent.He says loves me,and wants to get our life together started as soon as possible.Are my family and friends right thoe? am I taking advantage of Anthony who IS very young and knows very little of women? am I a fool so blinded by love that I am unable see that this marriage wont last? Am I so depraved that I would marry a man just out of his teens? I do not see what the big deal is besides our age...we both have stable jobs,we haven't been sleeping together,Anthony(who IS rather well off)is very kind to me and my family,he respects my boundaries,and thoe he does not talk very much at all he is always willing to listen to the problems of others.His parents,thankfully, do not say yay nor nay to our engagement.Should I follow everyones advice and flee before it's to late?

Answer from Stella:

Screw all the other folks and their holier-than-thou advice. Follow your heart. Do you two really love each other? Then be together.

You need to tell all your family and so-called friends to find another cause to pursue.

Good luck!
Hope this helps!

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