Stay or Go?

Met a guy a few months ago and we really hit it off. Saw each other a few times but nothing serious. Now it's getting more serious and the ex is back in the picture and was always there for him when he needed someone and has a good relationship with his 10 year old son. He doesn't want to hurt her but now has strong feelings for me. He see's me when he can and I don't like the sneaking around. I know it's not right but he said he needs time to see where we are going and if it's right he will make a commitment to me. We are both over 50 and not kids anymore. Really like this guy and I am willing to give it a chance. The cheating part does stay with me but I try and look past it if I could. My ex-husband cheated on me so I know the hurt and pain this can give a woman. Right now I am following my heart...

Answer from Stella:

You need to follow your head instead of your heart. You are sneaking around to see a single man? If you step back from the situation and look at it logically, he is just keeping YOU on the back burner while he sees where his relationship with his ex goes!

Sounds like you are ripe for heartbreak with this guy unless you stand up for yourself. Tell him you will NOT sneak around anymore, and if he can extricate himself from his ex-wife, to look you up. And don't wait long before moving on with your life.

Hope this helps!

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