still love my ex girlfriend

by jason matt

dear stella ,

my name jason and im 19 . here i have a problem about my relationship .
i have a girlfriend name mel and our relationship already reach 4 years .
my problem is , i dont think i love her as much i love my ex girlfriend .
my relationship with my ex only last for a few months but deep in my heart i can feel
how much i love my ex . my ex name lisa by the way .

i think im still love with my ex . recently i go to her facebook profile
and when i see her photo , i realize i still cannot get over her even after 4 years .
i also whatsapp her few days ago , but it just short conversation as i know her brother
wont let her contact with me .

now me and mel in a long distance relationship due to we study at different university.
its been 6 months the last i meet her . so what i should do now ? should i stay with mel ?
or follow my heart get back with my ex ? lisa still dont have a boyfriend after we break up
but do she still love me after 4 years ?

i hope stella can help me . and sorry for bad English as its not my first language . thank you .
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Jason,
You cannot make Lisa love you and it sounds like Mel does love you so it is a very hard decision for you to make ...........Stella

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