Tell or not?

by Mercedes
(Chatfield Minnesota USA)

Dear Stella,
I'm in love with this Guy so in love with him that my heart aches constantly for him I can't stop thinking about him his smile and his laugh the goodies faces he make I love him and I have been friends with him for over five years now and been in love with him for four years. There is one problem though he is always in a relationship with somebody and I don't want to tell him how I feel only for him to be like I'm dating someone right now. I know we have great chemistry and we always get along. I just don't know how to handle this, should I wait for him to get out of a relationship or tell him now? Please help!

I would write him a letter and tell him how you feel and find out once and for all if he has feelings for you if not you will drive yourself crazy wondering.If not its time to move with your life and find Mr.Right Good Luck Stella

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