That's the way the cookie crumbles....

by Jennifer S.
(Indianapolis, IN)

Pic added by editor

Pic added by editor

My husband Walt proposed to me in a really neat way. He took me out to eat at a Chinese restaurant. I didn't know what was coming, as we had not even discussed getting married.

It was a Chinese buffet, and we sure got our fill of great Chinese food and crab legs, a nice dinner out.

For dessert, of course, they brought the usual fortune cookies on the bill dish. I don't normally eat those, but Walt ate his then said, "Go on, open yours". He had bought a box of fortune cookies the day before, and typed on a slip of paper, "I love you. Will you marry me?". Then he looked thru the box and found one with the paper slip sticking out. He pulled it out and replaced it with the marriage proposal!

At the restaurant, while I was at the buffet, filling my plate, he explained it all to the waitress!

At first I didn't realize that it was for me, and I couldn't believe I got a fortune cookie like that. But then he pulled out a ring and got on one knee, right there in the restaurant! I was so excited and happy that I cried.

Can you believe how special and romantic that was! We have been happily married for two years and eat at that restaurant all the time! Walt is still so romantic!

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