The Journey of Love

by Heather Lissa

Me and my hunny :)

Me and my hunny :)

My birthday is Dec. 23, right at Christmas. So my boyfriend and I got together on the 21st this year to share our Christmas with one another. He bought me a journey diamond necklace with white and pink diamonds and a matching ring for my birthday and Christmas.

Everyday I must have both these items on because when we are apart I feel as if I have a part of him with me. They mean so much to me. Not only the jewelry but the things he said when he gave them to me. He told me that the necklace represents the journey of love he hopes to continue and the ring a promise ring promising that his love for me will never die.

Not to mention the fact that he treated me like a queen on my birthday and did everything for me. He even went shopping with me. Not like him at all. We ended the evening with a lovely bubble bath, that I have to add he drew up himself and had the water just right. :)

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