The mixup to 41 years of marriage

by Michael
(Gulfport, MS USA)

Becky and Mike at younger son's Wedding

Becky and Mike at younger son's Wedding

My cousin arranged to set me up on a blind date with Donna. Donna lives with another girl and when I arrived, the girl was home but Donna weren't.

A few minutes later, Donna, my cousin and another three girls arrived and introductions were made. I have to stop here and tell you that I have been hard of hearing all my life and don't handle "group" conversation well.

Instead of leaving with Donna, we all went to a local dance hall called "Red Dog Saloon". I danced with all the girls but really clicked with Donna. I made a date for later in the week but had to leave the girls at the Saloon since I was scheduled to work the midnight shift at the glass factory.

The next morning my sister asked me when I came in how was my date with Donna. I told her she was a cute blond and had a date later with her. My sister told me that Donna was not a blond.
I called my cousin but my aunt answered the phone. When I explained my confusion, she told me that I had a date with a girl named Becky. (never lived that down with my family).

On Friday night, I went back to Donna's house and again, confusion, Becky doesn't live there. Donna took compassion and had me to follow her and her boyfriend over to Becky's house. Wouldn't you know, the whole family was there. Again, didn't catch everyones name but wound up having time to get to know them.

Becky and I was married a year later. On her side of the story, she had told her mother after our "real" first date, that she found the man she was going to marry. That was 41 years ago and counting.

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Jan 02, 2010
by: Lisa

I love that story every time I hear it! You both are just the best people, period! I love you to death and am so happy I married into such a great family! Congratulations on 41 years! I hope our marriage is as strong as yours (if your son doesn't drive me to an early grave first! :) )


Jan 02, 2010
by: Brian

One less mixup in the world, and I'd not be here! I have watched 37 of these years and can only hope to model my marriage afters yours. Love you both and here's to 41 more!

Jan 02, 2010
Now that's a love story!
by: Heather

I teared up reading this. I love happy accidents and this one ended up being the happiest one ever.

You and mom taught me what love is and I thank you for that with all my heart. I couldn't have wished for better, more loving parents.

Jun 08, 2011
The best mistake of your life!
by: Gail

Love the story. Congrats to you both. Happy to have ya'll in our family!! Love ya both.

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