The night I met the love of my life

Hi everyone, my name is Lea and I'm going to tell you about the night I met him, the one who makes me believe that love is greater than anyone can EVER imagine.
Okay, so to be honest I was in another relationship when I met him, but you know the feeling you have when you know it's not going to last? That's how I felt with my ex, not that he wasn't a good guy, he just wasn't for me.
I remember that september night as if it was yesterday.
I was on my way to work earlier that day and met my cousin and his room mate by a coincidence.
It was fun seeing him again and he invited me to a private preparty at his place later that evening. I remember thinking to myself that I could go for an hour or two since I really didn't have any plans, so I said I'd come over after work (little did I know I'd stay longer than I had planned).
So the evening came and I went over to my cousin and realised I was the only girl there, but that didn't bother me at all. It was actually cool. We were all just hanging and having drinks together. They were all really nice!
After an hour or two, a guy walked into the room and, I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but everything stopped for a second or so.
It has happened before, you know, when you meet someone you just know you'll share wonderful feelings with, but this was definitely different. I didn't know how, only that it was.
I remember his beautiful smile, a smile that makes him glow like I've never seen anyone glow.
I wanted to get to know him and although we didn't talk immediately, I guess it would come naturally.
I couldn't help myself when my eyes repeatedly wandered the room to finally end on him.
I remember thinking to myself that I was a bad girlfriend for feeling like this, but "as long as I don't do anything" I kept telling myself. I had to figure out what was going on.
Any how, we all decided to go out clubbin' and on the way to the clubs, I got the feeling that he was a really sweet and genuine guy by the acts he was doing to and for other people. I could also tell that he was openminded.
My interest grew stronger and stronger and (skipping some events on our way) once we decided to just hang out at a bar, we somehow ended up far away from the others.
We sat and talked about music and such, when he suddenly asked me if he could kiss me. "Maybe later" I said with an ounce of worry that I'd actually might go ahead with it, never mind my then boyfriend.
I walked away for a while and talked about it with my cousin who was just the kind of support I needed with me being frustrated and all. I wasn't the "cheating kind".
Having thought about it, I realised I was actually going to go through with it, because I kept feeling so drawn to him, so I looked him up and took him away from the others.
We started dancing intimately and then we kissed.
It was so soft and perfect and it felt so RIGHT.
That's when I knew I wanted to be with him, period.
Funny, I haven't told him this.
The whole situation made me say "I've got to go" and that's when I ran right out of that bar.
How could I feel like this when I had a boyfriend? I didn't even know this guy. It was all very confusing.
Standing outside the bar, I saw him looking for me and the others, but as he didn't find anyone, he walked away.
I felt terrible about how everything had gone that night, but at the same time I was glad I had taken his number =)
I made sure to text him and ask him out.
Seeing him coming my way on our first date, I knew I was with the right guy.
Need I say that I broke up with the other guy? (We're friends today).
I'm at a place I've never been before.
The love I feel for him and the things I do and could do for him has made me realise that I never loved anyone before I met him.

He's a wonderful guy and I love him so much <3

Isn't love the best? I'm so happy I met him =)

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