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We've done some of the legwork for you here. Believe me. There are literally HUNDREDS of online dating websites out there. We've done some investigating for you, and narrowed the field down to 6 of our favorites... top online dating sites... recommended for overall popularity, quality and desirable options... Check out the guidelines below first, then start surfing!

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  • Go with a larger site- more than a million members---you want to make sure of plenty of local profiles
  • C'mon, be an optimist---only sign up for 3-6 months at a time. Will you really be e-dating for a year?
  • Consider signing up with 2 different sites---one more focused on long-term compatibility matching (like eharmony) and the other a quick-date site (like Yahoo personals).
  • So go ahead, check our top online dating sites out, and do some exploring on your own as well. There are tons of special-interest dating sites, like Christian, Jewish, equestrian, single parents, Asian... you name it.
  • The best website for you is the one where your soulmate is waiting...

Check out our reviews of these online dating agencies:

TOP ONLINE DATING SITES #1: small love heart with arrow piercing it

Many consider this the best dating site on the net. With cutting- edge communications tools and a free 24-hr customer support line, American Singles is also one of the largest sites...boasting over 7 million members. Features include:

  • Dating tips & advice
  • Excellent profile ads
  • Upload up to 4 photos
  • Premium members access chat rooms/ forums/ Video Chat/
    Customizable E-cards and AstroScope compatibility
  • Free instant messaging & free Flirts "teaser" messages
  • You can actually see who has browsed your ad
  • A negative---you're on your own--do your own selecting---
    there's no profile matching
  • Cost: $29.99 per month, 59.97 for 3 months, or $74.95 for 5

Interested? Click here:

Meet Singles In Your Area

TOP ONLINE DATING SITES #2: small love heart with arrow piercing it

You've seen the enticing TV ads... worth investigating, isn't it? Well, it is if you're serious about finding a long-term monogamous relationship. This is how eharmony works... First, you answer 500 questions that measure you on 29 key dimensions of compatibility. Obviously, it's important to give the questions some thought, and answer honestly. Then, leave it to their patented matchmaking system... and out comes a handful of carefully selected possibles for you to check out.

Features include:

  • Claims more marriages per match than any other online service, and claim that research has shown longer lasting marriages than any other service.
  • Reportedly the fastest growing dating site on the web.
  • 7-day free trial, no hassles
  • Relationship advice
  • "Must have" & "Can't stand" lists
  • "Ice breakers" to get communication kick-started
  • Negatives: By far the most expensive, at 49.95/mo, 3 months for $99.95, 6 months for $159.95; also, you receive only a few pre-screened choices per month; there's no surfing & seeking.

Explore their site here:

TOP ONLINE DATING SITES #3: small love heart with arrow piercing it

This is the biggest one... with a pool of over 9 million members! Lots of photos, lots of local possibilities, a sure bet for a quick date. Yahoo has 2 levels of membership. Standard e-dating is $24.95 a month, with email, instant messaging, voice and video greetings. Premier membership gets more in-depth, with a questionnaire and "Smart Fit" compatibility matching, and it costs $39.95 per month. Yahoo personals is kinda like the personals ads in your local paper. Their slogan: "Find better first dates, more second dates". Benefits include:

  • "Flirt" & "icebreaker" messages
  • Free 7 day pass
  • "Relationship test" & "Love style test"

Check it out here:

TOP ONLINE DATING SITES #4: small love heart with arrow piercing it

This site is user-friendly and reasonably priced. It's loaded with cutting edge features that help to create a fun atmosphere and a "dating community". claims "twice as many marriages as any other site", and it's BIG, with over 4 million members! Features include:

  • Unlimited email with "winking" & instant messaging
  • Upload up to 25 photos to your "Portrait"
  • See who's been looking at your ad
  • Personality test & dating advice magazine
  • Sponsored group travel
  • Local "speedmatching" dates, kinda like "musical tables"; you get to meet all the singles before the event is over. Talk about exposure!
  • At $29.99 a month, a dating bargain...enter...


Great Expectations has been around for years, even prior to the exploding online dating craze. It is a cross between online profile searching and a local-based matchmaking service. What does that mean to you? Excellent if you live close to one of their urban locations. Features include:

  • Valuable pre-screening (they meet each applicant face-to-face, and verify vital info and photos, videos).
  • Personalized service by counselors
  • Invites to local parties and events with other GE members
  • Personality profile questionnaire & self written essay tends to deliver a classier clientele.

Ask for pricing and a test search in your area before you commit. Click for more info:


TOP ONLINE DATING SITES #6: small love heart with arrow piercing it

This is a busy site claiming more than 2 million members. They provide free access to profiles and informational articles. For $24.95 a month, you then enjoy instant messaging, voice and video greetings. For fun, try a narrow keyword search, like "scuba" and see what pops up! offers:

  • Free emails and online chat
  • Their free trial gives you a very good taste of what they have to offer.
  • Chat rooms are active and useful
  • Annual cruise
  • 72 hour refund policy
  • "Alternative lifestyle" sections for gays

Their motto: "Every relationship begins with a date"...

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