Torn between two lovers

by Lovable me

I met this guy from a restaurant, we became friends. He was so nice, open about his dreams and the kind of girl he wants to marry in the future. We both fell in love with each other.

BUT, one day I received a phone call from a girl, telling me that she is my boyfriends girlfriend! I told her that we are only friends, then I confronted my boyfriend about this, and he said that he is planning to break up with her because he loves me.

I didn't like the idea of being with him while he was still in a relationship, so I decided to leave him. Then I met this very wonderful guy, mature, loving, generous and very understanding. I easily fell in love with him because of his characteristics, but the time came that we had to part ways because I needed to go home to our country. He promised that he would call and chat with me, and he wouldn't forget me. He didn't break his promise, he calls me every day and we see to it that we chat always..

But one day a got a phone call from my ex, and he's telling me that he still loves me and he broke up with his girlfriend and he wants me back. He came home to our country and he said he would love to see me.

At first I was hesitant, but my mind tells me to agree about the meeting, he went to our house, everything went well between me and him and I. I felt that I still loved him, now I'm confused; I'm torn between two lovers and I don't know who to choose.

Answer From Stella:

Do yourself a favor: choose the wonderful, mature, loving, generous and very understanding guy over the one who never bothered to tell you he already had a girlfriend while he was dating you.

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