Treasure Hunt

by Laurie

Arwen's evenstar (photo by ed.)

Arwen's evenstar (photo by ed.)

One of my previous boyfriends was learning from his father how to be a jewelery crafter. He'd always asked me what I wanted him to make, and I always said nothing, because that was his job and I'd rather he find a gift that was not a product of his job. So for every occasion he'd always find some random present. But last Christmas, he came to visit me the day before and set up a treasure hunt for me. The only package under the tree from him was a card. Slightly disappointing. But, on the card was directions to go look under my bathroom sink. There I found another card. This continued where the directions got harder and harder to guess the next place. Finally, it led me back to the tree, where I looked under the angel on top of the tree. In a small box was his version of Arwen's evenstar. It was amazing, I felt so loved, because it took a lot of thought to come up with that, plus it's still my favorite necklace.

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