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Silently pining over him

First thing's first: my friend and I likes the same guy. I act as an older sister to this friend of mine and it feels like liking the guy she has been

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I have liked my best friend for years and he likes me now and he is 2 years older than me but he said he can't date me because he is going to jail for

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Am I headed for trouble

My wife and I have been having a lot of fun that has led to great sex,she has started wearing tops that are more revealing it will depend on where we are

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for the love of the game

I am not sure if there is a problem,My wife and I have been together for 15 years I am the lucky one she has always been there for me as I have her and

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I am too shy.

Hi Stella, I have a problem that I had from like 4 months. I am learning the German language at the moment. and I am in a class that is called (wilkommenklasse)

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Been in love with Ex's sister for 16 years

Dear Stella, I fell in love with my ex-partners younger sister since 16 years ago. Once at a restaurant we locked eyes over the table & I'll never forget

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Love marriage

Hi Stella, I have recently married the guy I love. I think the connection is more from my side than him. I was the one to propose him. Things went well

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unwanted love, work colleague

I'm a male around 45. I'm married with kids but unfortunately I love a female work colleague and think of her all the time, day and night, which makes

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Younger Boyfriend

Hello,I am dating my friend and he is three years younger than I. He is stubborn and rude to me most of the time when we are

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maybe there really is no fool like an old fool ...

48 hours ago, I was on a dating site, when this women initiated a chat with me. Having been scammed 3 or 4 times already, I pretty much now know a lot

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Cancer? The one ?

Dear Stella My name is p and i m having a serious problem with my bf. Here is our story: my bf and i met on a paid dating website and we live in Asia.

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Does he like me?

There's this boy in my class and I really like him. I am too shy to say something and it's not very casual in our class to randomly start talking to other

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Need advice! Going crazy!

Hey, I need advice, About a couple to almost a few weeks ago, I had met a very beautiful woman on a dating site. She's. 34 year old divorcee with two

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Whom To Choose?

In 2006 I had been Divorced after 17 years form a man that had a temper problem. I had dated about a year before I met this other man online. He was nice,

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How to win her back?

Dear Stella, I have a problem with a girl I was in relationship for 10 months. I start from the beginning. We met online via dating app. Two months later

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