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Tragedy in my relationship

I have been in a relationship with a woman for a little over three years. It hasn't always been smooth, or easy, in fact, sometimes downright volatile.

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Will She? Or Will I?

Dear Stella, I Need an Advice. It was Just, I have a Problem about my Friend who I Love. I met her when I was in grade 6, and I always works with her in

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What is this thing?

Dear Stella, 8 months ago I started working at this new company and I met this guy. From the first second I had the feeling he had a good impression of

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In a dilemma reg marriage

Dear stella, I'm from india. i hv never been in love before. thru a common frn was introduced to a guy. he proposed me after a month as our interests

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I feel unworthy!

Hey there, I don't blame you if you're too busy to answer this, but here goes. I'm seventeen and I've liked this guy for a bit over a month now but I

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Need advice as to whether to end a marriage

A few weeks ago I asked my wife to follow me to a motorcycle dealer to get my bike serviced. When we arrived she walked up and threw my truck keys on the

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My long distance romance issue what do you think?

So I was dating this guy that lived 12 hours away and we were together for 4 months. I went to visit him for my birthday weekend for 5 days, I could tell

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I want my ex to want me again.

my ex boyfriend and i have been together for 2 years. it was an on and off relationship. yet with all the issues we had, we always chose to stay together.

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i can't choose

I'm 22 year old girl since high school I've been always been madly in love with this guy since high school we've been through many things together

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Dear Stella,

I'm sixteen years old and I've never entered a relationship before. I guess you could say that I'm that typical nerdy girl who focuses a lot on her studies.

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Hurt, regret, guilt

Hey not sure how this works. I've been feeling very depressed lately and wanted some advice. This is kind of long but here it goes. I've been going out

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still love my ex girlfriend

dear stella , my name jason and im 19 . here i have a problem about my relationship . i have a girlfriend name mel and our relationship already reach

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regular messups..!!

Dear Stella...!! plz help..!! I have been with a guy for almost a year...!! I was the one who initiated this relationship..!! after two months we started

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Which way do I go?

My problem is this. In high school I had a fling With a guy. One nite stand. Through the years I found out he had been looking for me for years The problem

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Tell or not?

Dear Stella, I'm in love with this Guy so in love with him that my heart aches constantly for him I can't stop thinking about him his smile and his laugh

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