Until it feels the same

by Sayedul Bari

She is behind the light....I guess so

She is behind the light....I guess so

My age was about 23. First I meet with her, she was a student of mine. Actually I was a teacher in a coaching school, and she was a student there. When she first see me she just fall in love with me (as she told me later). She tried to understand me and it took 6 months. Finally, I feel about her a pure love.

Then gradually, I told her that this is not fair that a teacher should mix up with his student. But she didn't wanna understand, because her love was really so true. Then I came to think about her, and we had a great love relationship between us. But GOD does not allow it to us so far.

My parents didn't like her at all and she also didn't want to live with my parents. However, I tried 3 years to make my family understand, but I can't.

After 3 years, one morning I heard that she is not in my life now, because she is not in this world now. She left me forever. Still i think about her and maybe I will never forget her.

Today is that day when we met first. Today is 18 August and I am right now playing a guitar and singing her favorite song.........I wish GOD will keep her in heaven............

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May 19, 2010
I will pray for her
by: Anonymous

Really sorry to hear that. But it tells us that be strong and be with the one you truly love. Because life is too short to hold grudges cos life is also too short for getting second chances. I pray for her soul.

Jun 24, 2010
True Love
by: Roselyn

May her soul rest in peace....i'll pray for her and also you.....take care

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