unwanted love, work colleague

I'm a male around 45. I'm married with kids but unfortunately I love a female work colleague and think of her all the time, day and night, which makes me feel terribly bad. I've had this problem for 15 years, but during a part of that time it got better because I was staying in a different office and had no regular contact with her. Now I have to stay in the same office and must see her and talk to her all the time, due to work topics (I'm actually her supervisor now). I'm quite sure she doesn't love me back. (I think she knows, because several years ago I told her, but I'm not even sure she remembers that now; at best, she might find me slightly amusing.) I really need the job and cannot quit in the foreseeable future. I also cannot get relocated again because the other office where I used to work was shut down. My relationship with my wife is superficial but bearable (with a very low level of mutual attraction, but anyway), and we have the kids, so I'd like to stay married and stop thinking about my colleague, but how can I achieve that while remaining in frequent contact with her. Thanks for any advice.

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by: Stella

You should help her find another job and get yourself some counselling.Stella

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