Vacation of Love

by Dyanne Micah
(Cagayan de oro City, Philippines)

Under the cacao tree...

Under the cacao tree...

We were planning to have a vacation to the place of my aunt... I never expected I could meet someone like him... I fell in love with him the first time I saw his face... his smile so sweet and with his tender lips...

The 2nd night, my cousin grabbed me and sent me a whisper that somebody wants to talk to me after dinner. I got so excited thinking that he was that somebody... The hour came; my cousin sent me to a dark place under the cacao tree. I was afraid... it was just a secret time and my strict grandmother didn't know where I was... and I'm nervous that if she looked for me and I'm not in the house, she will scold me...

I was shocked when that somebody came to me, and with his smile I know it was him! I got nervous and shivered. He asked for my name we talked 15 mins I think... Then my cousin came and whispers my grandmother is looking for me! At that moment I was just like Cinderella running away from him... because my grandmother was calling...

We talked about many things the other days of the vacation... I was amazed that he told me he liked me and asked me to be his girl. I said yes!!! We became friends and at the night of the fiesta we spent the hours at the disco party... We exchanged sweet words and sweet moments... That was the most beautiful night I ever had in my whole life... that I don't even want it to fade...

The night before we left, we talked.. and we didn't know that my grandmother saw us talking under the cacao tree! My grandmother scolded me and told me bad things.. like why did I do it? Why did I make a relationship with someone with my age only 14... I was crying that night and was afraid that I could be parted from the guy I like and love...

But I think that was just part of my past life... the day we left I cried and cried and waved goodbye to my love... my tears keep on falling... secretly that I would not let my grandmother know...

Riding on the bus I think of the memories we had and I know the day that we left makes his heart blue too...

Someday I may see him again... how I wish I might... praying up above that I will meet again my first love...

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Mar 06, 2008
What a sweet story!
by: Stella

It reminds me of my first love, when I was 17. It was like magic, and I have never felt anything quite like it since. There's something about first love...

I hope you meet up with your sweetheart again one day. If it is meant to be, it will happen!

Mar 06, 2008
Vacation Of Love
by: Jeannette

Your story is really touching and sweet, and what is meant to be is meant to be. It sure sounds like my story here on this site, Miracle By Chance, if you read it. And if you read my story, later in life it happened to me and I connected again with my "true love". All the best to you and trust me, things happen for a reason. God bless and all the best to you!

May 05, 2008
by: Anonymous

I really like the story. Being in love is one part of our life..... the story is so sweet and we the girls can relate to what happen to you...

Aug 28, 2008
Vacation of love
by: Mhe

Oh... that's quite a sad story but they say if you meet your true love, just be thankful that it comes to you even just for a while.

May 09, 2009
It's okay!
by: steffie

:]] i was broken hearted too by the very person i first loved; but then i realized that everything happens for a reason... so cheer up. God has better plans for you. :]]

Aug 17, 2009
by: pokerface!!!!

wow!!!you have a nice story huh!!!
i like your venue under the cacao tree!!\hahahaha
well, i'm hoping that you and tour first love well see each other again!!!!just trust the fate you had!!!keep safe!!!!

Aug 17, 2009
cacao is very interesting
by: zoo

the story is nice with a nice venue and time.I look forward that you may meet the boy under the cacao tree.

Apr 21, 2010
Love will find a way
by: Anonymous

Just wait and see....
Love will find a way!

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