waiting for a love ring

by Kelly Lundeen
(Tacoma , Washington ,U.S.A.)

I've been with Robert for 12 years.

We had our share of the up's and down's of our relationship, we are at a healthy relationship together and I feel our love got stronger then ever before.

I been waiting waiting for a love ring, over and over, What can I do?

Answer from Stella:
Dear Kelly,

When you say you're waiting for a Love ring, I am assuming you mean an engagement ring and marriage. Surely during these 12 years, you two have discussed whether or not to get married?

If you've been together 12 years, and you have a healthy relationship as you claim, it should be an easy matter to sit Robert down and have a heart-to-heart talk with him. You should be able to tell them how you feel, how important this is to you, and ask him for an answer.

If you want marriage and he does not, you'll then have to decide whether to continue the relationship without marriage or not. And only you in your heart can answer that one.

Hope this helps!

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Comments for waiting for a love ring

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do it
by: Anonymous

yes she's right and you need to get married. Then maybe you will know why I am so upset with you. thanks for the block. Good luck in the future for real. You two deserve to stay together and be happy like me and my husband of 24yrs. we've been together actually 25yrs. now. Marriage can be a wonderful thing. He and I remember everyday our vows of: "as the circle never ends neither shall my love for you" and it never has ended but now is stronger than ever. best friends and married is the best I wish that for you.

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