want my love back to me

i and my lover fell in love with each other 1 yr ago...and we made a little physical attachments with each other...she thought it wrong and due to this reason she said she cant continue with that relationship with me and broken up with me...and get committed to some other guy...but said she don't want to lose me..and i love her very much and cant live without her...she said she loves me but cant continue with that relationship...i want her back other wise i will die...please help me please please...


Answer from Stella:

Dear (Heartbroken),
I know things seem hopeless and awful to you right now; everyone feels this way when they lose their beloved. I don't want to belittle you or discount your pain and grief, as I have been there, too.

But you will survive this heartbreak in time. Convince yourself that the relationship is definitely over, and allow yourself plenty of time to grieve. There will be another love relationship for you down the line, possibly even one better for you and her.

Trust me, brighter days lie ahead...
Hope this helps!

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Heart broken
by: Julie

I am going thru the same thing right now...I know how you feel...I had a little too much wine..called him up and messed everything up..now all contact has ceased...I'm embarrassed and wish I never made the call...you will be ok...each day that goes by...I will be ok too...I have the pain in my heart like you do...we'll get thru it...Good Luck !

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