We never let go...

by Haley



We were once the best of friends! Though we did flirt very often. Soon he began calling me every night, and we would talk for hours.

Then on Valentine's day he finally let it out and said "I'm in love with you!". It was the best feeling ever, but there was one problem. My parents did not approve of me dating an older guy. He was three years older than me, but legal.

So we kept it from them for nearly a month; when finally, they found us out. My parents took away my Myspace, cell phone, and everything else. It was depressing for both of us, because we were both deeply in love.

You would think that we would learn from our mistakes, but we didn't. On our third month anniversary, he stopped by on his way to basketball practice. He was only here for fifteen minutes, but that was fifteen minutes too long! (We were not supposed to be together alone and my parents were not home that day). Somehow they found out and we were never allowed to speak again.

Four years later, when I graduated high school, we met back up. Now we are happily married and no one can ever tear us apart!!!

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