What can I do?

Some years ago I met a guy. We liked each other from the very first days even though this was mainly revealed through the "language" we created - eye contact, gestures.... we see each other quite seldom as we live in different countries...but that's not the only problem.

He has a girlfriend...maybe I'm saying ugly things but he doesn't love her as usually people love their significant others. But he can't break this relationship yet as he has some other interests.

I'm suffering, and suffering a lot... I've never loved anybody as much as I love him. I feel that he loves me too and there were lots of signs showing his interest towards me but sometimes my confidence disappears, I become jealous, try to understand what kind of a guy is he, does he love me or just playing with me. All these thoughts ruin my life, maybe it's my strange character that makes me problems? please help me.

Answer from Stella:
Well, you have written with that age old problem, and we hear it all the time. He loves me, but he has another woman who he can't leave for "some reason".

I know you don't want to hear this, but you need an outsider to tell you... he is already taken! It doesn't matter that you tell yourself he loves you more than the other woman... he is still with her, and not you.

Break it off, take your lumps and move on with your life. And do NOT become emotionally involved again with a man who is already committed to someone else.

Good luck, dear, and Hope this helps!

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what u want to do?
by: Missy

Dear friend....i have the same problem with you....we can't understand guys....what are they saying and what are they doing totally different...Stella is right, we should break off with this relationship. it hurts us more. Trust me! We have to let them go....just give yourself time. If he were meant for you, he will come back for you as a single guy. Don't chase them because guys is just like butterfly, the more you chase it, the more they run away.....God Bless...:)

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