What is this thing?

Dear Stella,

8 months ago I started working at this new company and I met this guy. From the first second I had the feeling he had a good impression of me (he did not know me than, so I can't say he liked me).
Once I got to know him a little better and found out we had a lot in common I got to admit I developed a little crush on him...
This was gone immediately though, the second he told me he had a girlfriend, cause I respect that and he talked frequently about her, so there was no chance anyway to have hopes.
We still go along pretty good and started texting, I had no intention for this to turn into more than friendship, even though the texting got pretty frequent. I just liked to turn to him when I felt bad, cause he always has the right words to make me feel better.
He left my company but still works in the same building, so we see each other from time to time.
I had the feeling I annoyed him with my messages, so I stopped texting him for a while...especially after he had not shown up to a concert he maybe wanted to come to and did not even say a word, I sent him a last couple messages, which where the videos I had promised to take and send to him in case he would not come (he asked me for this) and I did not even get a "thank you".

So I decided to let him his space and wait til he approaches to me. It happened through a coincidence at work that I had him on the phone and he said he was worried because I hadn't gotten in touch with him for a while (which was only three weeks by the way, usually no big deal) and that he had thought about calling me and asking what happened. He actually called me later that day and we talked for a while.

Since then the messaging started again and I have the feeling he replies more frequently.
The other day we saw each other at work and I found that the night of the concert, which is over a month away now, he fought with his girlfriend and I am wondering why he told me that.

Also the first thing he did, when he saw me (beside hugging me as greeting) was complementing me on my looks.

Things changed on my side as I admitted to myself that I do have a crush on him and that I am imagining us being in a relationship quite often.

So now I am over interpreting all his actions and wondering what is this thing? He is still with his girlfriend, but clearly he cares a lot for me too. But he could also just see me as a little sister (he is also almost 7 years older than I am)

I just which I could forget about him and find someone that I get along with as good as with him, but right now he is a lot in my mind and it is driving me crazy. So I just needed to get it off my chest..

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