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What men want...
Alright, all you modern, strong, independent, free-thinking women out there. Listen up! You may have a great job, nice car, active cell phone and spectacular social life... but have you really found true happiness with one man?

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Now, we realize that might not be what you're looking for right now. In that case, just file this information away for later. But if what you really long for, deep down inside, is a close, loving and lasting relationship with one man, then take this stuff to heart! It all may sound old-fashioned or ridiculous to you...   but you're not a man!

These are the qualities that most men truly long for in a partner...

    (In Order of Importance)

    What men want...

  1. SEX-
    Duh! Surprised? I didn't think so. Men truly are from a different planet when it comes to sex. Don't assume that just because once a month is fine for you, it's okay with him, too. Men need sex, and they need it often. It's salve for their souls. They crave it, lots of it...   hot, sweaty sultry sex! And a change in scenario or technique adds a little spice and keeps him intrigued.

    He won't demand it, and he might not even admit it to you, but...  how often do you think your guy secretly wants to have sex with you? Every day, if he could! Well, you wanted to know what men really want...

    P.S. Okay, let's be honest here. What 95% of men really relish sexually is  this.

    What men want...

    There you were in the beginning, smitten and love-struck... you did all kinds of things in order to be close to your new man, didn't you? You may have donned camouflage pants and sat in a deer stand with him for hours on a cold morning. Or accompanied him to the latest (loud and dusty) NASCAR offering in the area. You might have even handed him greasy wrenches as he changed out the brake pads on his car.

                        what men want woman grease monkey

    So what happened? Now he's on his own, right? He's off to the races, and you're in the air-conditioned mall, spending money. This is a big mistake, parting ways like that, and it can truly damage a relationship.

    You may feel that you don't have to pretend anymore, don't have to go with him to sporting events or join in hobbies you don't really like. But your man enjoyed your company back then, and he still does today. Granted, he should enjoy occasional time out alone with his male friends. But most of the time, he just needs you.

    He might not ask anymore, but what your man secretly wants in a woman is a companion. You don't have to pretend to love hunting or fishing. Just be with him. He needs your friendship and loves to share his adventures with you. Don't miss out on these wonderful opportunities to bond with your life partner.

    What men want...

    His ego, that is. Men have rather fragile egos. They may appear tough-skinned on the outside, but most men are secretly tender-hearted, and easily bruised. They need encouragement, reinforcement and compliments from their woman. Treat your man with respect. Hold your tongue when you're angry, and avoid attacking his soft spots. Sometimes wounds delivered by tongue never heal.

    Never tease a man about his masculinity, wage-earning power, physical strength, sports skills, or... most importantly... his sexual prowess.

    Love him? Stroke him. He needs it all the time.

    What men want...

    It goes without saying that a man really wants a woman who he can trust will be faithful to him.

    Never break the trust, no matter how tempted, or things will never be the same in your relationship, emotionally or spiritually. Gone forever will be the carefree, wonderful, happy days, secure in the knowledge that you two could trust each other not to stray. Your true love will be tainted permanently by either mistrust and hurt (if he knows), or by your secret guilt (if he doesn't). Are you willing to risk the most important relationship in your life for brief physical pleasure?

    Loyalty also means just that... be on his side. Be in his corner during his day-to-day battles. Never run him down to others, or reveal his frailties, faults or secrets to outsiders. He has trusted you with his most private, tender self. Don't betray that trust. Champion your guy. Praise him to others.

    What a man really wants deep down inside is a woman who will always be his loyal partner, even through the rough times.

    What men want...

  5. A TROPHY-
    Okay, so this one might just raise your hackles a little bit! What you probably crave is a man who will love you for what's on the inside, not how you look. And most men really do, anyway.
    But.... you wanted to know what men really want... so here it is. What a man really, secretly craves is to walk into a party with a hot trophy on his arm! Nothing strokes a man's ego or wins him more points in the eyes of other men like having an attractive woman at his side. Now you can skip right past this one, or use it to your advantage.

                        man with trophy woman on his arm

    There are few things that show a man you care more than helping him present an attractive face to the world. Keep up a stylish appearance.


    What men want...

    He may take turns washing dishes, might change dirty diapers, and may even serve you breakfast in bed sometimes. Most modern men have gotten the message loud and clear that women are no longer multi-tasking slaves, willing to work all day then come home and tackle all the domestic chores, too. June Cleaver is dead! Most men realize it, and pitch in with the housework.

    And yet.... what a man really wants is a woman to take charge of the home and children; to organize and coordinate, even delegate. Men really don't want to be bothered with all that, even if they are willing to pitch in and help.

    So there you have it.... what a man secretly wants is to come home to a clean, quiet house, a delicious soulful dinner, and a warm friendly face. A safe port in the storm.

                        what men want  intimate dinner at home
    What men want...


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