What should i do?

by azlina jaafar

I had been date with a guy almost for 2 years. Our chemistry was so strong, and also our feelings. When i knew, he already have a girlfriend at other state. We share the same interest, the same habits, the same hobby. We can share everything. He can be my boyfriend and also my best friend.

He confront with his parents about me. He love me more than he love that girl. But the main problem is, he's going to get married less than 4 weeks from now. Since date of the marriage was already arrange before we knew each other. His parents totally disagree with his decision since the preparation for the wedding is already in final stage. We are so depress about this. I cry a lot. Every day and night i pray for our happiness but the bad things still happen. I don't trust for any miracle anymore.

What should i do?

Answer from Stella:

Hi Azlina,
I have received many submissions from asian and middle eastern cultures describing this problem. Young lovers want to be together, but the parents disapprove. Your culture is different, and I cannot advise you to go against your own teachings and societal practices.

In America, the answer would be easy... once adult, we make our own decisions when it comes to love and marriage. Parents might not agree with our choices, but ultimately, we do what we want and feel is right.

In your situation, if your guy is not willing to go against his parents wishes, well, the decision has been made for you two, and there is nothing I can say to change that. All I could suggest is that you tell him of your love and ask him to call off the wedding. And he will decide what he wants to do. I pray he chooses you!

Hope this helps!

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