what should I do!?


I am almost reaching 30, and I have known this guy for years. I had a boyfriend for 9 years and he had a wife. we both have kids.. i have broke up with my boyfriend and he has not been with his wife for a long time and doesn't live with her. he has not actually gotten a divorce though.

This guy owns his own business and works a lot. I have always gone and visited him but I go more often now that I have split up with my ex. He's a great guy and we have listened to each others relationship battles for a while! attraction for the 2 of us is not a problem! Well.. I was visiting and one thing led to another. So that's out of the way now (haha)!

He knows my parents and my dad and him get along really well. My parents don't know anything, and this guy is a little weirded out when he talks to my dad now, he says! He is really growing on me lately, we make each other laugh and he's really sweet. I find that I have to stop myself from going to visit or texting so much ( I don't want to be creepy!)

He has been hinting about needing a vacation and going together, we both need one. I don't know if I should ask him to go with me or really where to go from here. Do I ask him on a date, I don't even know how to ask him, or how really how he feels. What should I do and what is a good way to go about this without making it weird for the both of us or ruining a great friendship? HELP!! (it's been a while!)


Answer from Stella:

Dear Washington,
Sit tight! Let him make the next move. Why do we women feel we have to push the issue and get that relationship NOW! I think you will run him off if you don't relax and back off a little. So just stay friendly and let him do the asking.

P.S. Sounds like you jumped the gun by getting intimate too soon. No way to put the cows back in the barn, though.
Hope this helps!

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