what women want romance and affection

What women want...
It's not easy to get out of your "man" skin and walk around in a woman's high heels, is it? Most men consider women a great big mystery. They don't understand them, don't know what makes them tick, and they're not highly motivated to find out, either.

                           man confused about his woman

We're giving you a gift here then, a glimpse inside the female mind. If you're not currently hooked up with a steady girl, then file this important information away for later. But if you are in a relationship, listen carefully to what we are about to divulge. It's sure to help you understand women better, prevent some heartache, and give you a decided advantage in the game of love!

These are the qualities that most women truly long for in a partner...

    (In Order of Importance)

What women want...

    Guys, as much as you want, need and treasure sex; women feel just as strongly about affection! Honest!

    Women just look at sex differently than men. Believe it or not, it's not a driving influence in their day. Sex is just not a pressing issue for them like it is for you.

    What women really do crave is tenderness and affection. Hugging, kissing, sweet words and gentle caresses are what they need. In providing plenty of TLC, you fulfill a basic, primeval need that all women have.

    So what does a woman really want from a man? Affection! Yes, even when sex is not involved. (Especially when sex is not involved).

    P.S. That being said, we're going to let you in on a little secret here. If you want to open up your woman to a more active and inspired sex life,  try this.

    What women want...

  2. TALK-

                 couple having a talk about their relationship

    Uh oh! She wants to have "a talk" again! Most guys just dread serious conversations with their girl. It's their nature. Boys are taught in childhood not to reveal their deepest feelings or display emotions openly. But women can gush non-stop about their innermost private thoughts!

    Here's a little secret for you... women really are not asking you to change your nature and "tell all". What they really want from a man is not TALK at all, but LISTEN. What happens to a woman is this... she lets things build up inside until she comes to a flash point...  Then she must ventilate! So don't take it personally. By letting you know how she feels and where she stands, a woman feels validated, important.

    The lesson here? When your woman wants to "talk", more than likely she wants to do the talking. All you have to do is listen! Don't try to talk her out of her opinions, don't try to offer unsolicited advice, and above all, don't make light of her problems or tell her to quit worrying. Just listen and let the raging beast run it's course! That's all you have to do. Really.

    What women want...

    Romance, like affection, is another thing men don't think is very important, but women prize highly. You'd be surprised at just how deeply a girl's heart is touched by romantic gestures and thoughtful gifts.

    So you rarely (or never) get her flowers? Then think about this... when her co-worker at the office gets a dozen red roses, and she never does, you've lost, brother! Your girl is secretly hurt and envious, and thinks, "I sure wish my guy was romantic like that".

    So get to it! Plan a romantic night out at a fancy restaurant, and surprise her with a piece of jewelry or a stuffed animal or chocolates. Women are THRILLED with this kind of treatment. It really is that important to them!

    Love her? Romance her. She needs it all the time.

                        what women want is romance

    What women want...

    Back when she was a little girl, your mate looked up to her father, or her big brother, or some other "father figure" in her life. She was in awe of him, his size, strength, masculine smells and aura.... and, oh yes...   his integrity. Integrity means to women exactly what it sounds like. Women really want a man who is kind to her, nice to other people, and doesn't lie, cheat or steal. She wants a man she can look up to like she did her father.

    The importance of loyalty and trust in any relationship cannot be overemphasized, you know. From both sides. So we'll repeat the advice we offered for women almost verbatim here for you guys:

    Never break the trust, no matter how tempted, or things will never be the same in your relationship, emotionally or spiritually. Gone forever will be the carefree, wonderful, happy days, secure in the knowledge that you two could trust each other not to stray. Your true love will be tainted permanently by either mistrust and hurt (if she knows), or by your secret guilt (if she doesn't). Are you willing to risk the most important relationship in your life for brief physical pleasure?

    What women want...

    Reality? Your woman might well be making more money than you. But that doesn't matter to her.

    Men, on the other hand, tend to identify with their work, and measure their own self-worth by what's in their wallets. Women generally don't. What a woman does want is a working man, an energetic, industrious partner, willing to put in an honest day's work to help keep the family afloat. Hourly wage really doesn't matter.

    So what does a woman really want? A man she can depend on to help bring home the bacon.

    What women want...

    This one is easy, but so often overlooked by men.

    Does she look cute in that new sundress? Do you just love it when she brushes out her clean, shiny hair? Has she been working hard to lose that extra 10 pounds? Do you appreciate it when she brings home a quart of your favorite Rocky Road Ice Cream? Then tell her, dummy!

    Compliment your woman, often and well. Look for the good things, the bright spots. Dwell on what she does right. Let her know when you admire how she looks.

    Most women secretly have a self-esteem problem. They often doubt themselves, and it doesn't take much for worry and doubt to kick in! When that cute young thing at the mall smiles at you, your woman goes into instant self-doubt mode, and warning bells start ringing in her head.

    You have to let her know she's still number one with you, by complimenting and reassuring her. It's important.

    So what does a woman really want in a man? One who appreciates her, and is not afraid to tell her so...

                        loving couple in warm embrace

    What women want...


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