where are my feelings of love ? need help !

by john

So Ive been talking to this girl for around 2 months or so and she is simply amazing. i would love to be with her, but when im not with her it feels like i don't love her and I have no feelings for her, and it really annoys me because i love the feelings i have when im around her. But when i go home at the end of the day, it all fades away and i don't really have time to be with her and sometimes i just cant be bothered meeting her because i don't really miss her :( ?
Please help i want to love her and miss her ! i can't tell her lets be friends because i have led her on a bit too much now .


Answer from Stella:

Gosh, John, it sounds like you are worrying this relationship to death! Why is it so important to you to immediately declare your love for her, and insist to yourself that you must miss her?

This does not sound like the beginnings of a successful romantic relationship to me. Why not just give it time, try to just be friends, and just see what develops? Love cannot be forced, and you cannot "make" yourself love or miss her.

Relax and just let things be for now. If it's meant to happen, it will.

Hope this helps!

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