Wide Ride or JLo Butt?

I am a 31 year-old woman and newlywed. I have a figure that although I am not heavy, flares at the hips. I have a sort of JLO/Beyonce butt.

My husband, the sweetest guy in the world, has a real soft spot for prodding his fingers into the flesh of my rump, hips, and upper things. He can't pass me in the kitchen without indulging himself. What I've always thought of as a problem area gets him hot.

I should be overjoyed, right? The problem is that my ex used to call me wide ride and fat ass whenever he touched me there and I am still self conscious about being touched there. I am not going to ask my husband to stop as I feel it's his right and privilege to touch me where ever and whenever he wants. I just wish I could feel differently about it like he does.

From Stella:
Hi Body Image,
You've got it made! You found a sweetie who loves your body just like it is! Don't ever tell him what your mean old ex used to call you. Sounds like you are well rid of that jerk.

Adjust your mind and enjoy the ride! Life is short.


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big butt
by: Anonymous

I have a big butt and my husband always calls me names, it hurts my feelings to hear him always making me feel sad.

Don't Worry
by: T.J

If your husband loves your curves that's all you need to worry about; enjoy it get lost in it. This man loves your curves, he wants your curves, and forget that jerk who didn't like your curves.

Remember your husband is not that jerk; let him love and enjoy you. Take it from a man who has a wife with wide hips and nice big butt you're a dream come true for him. Use it girl, it's another secret weapon!!!!!!!!

Idiot ex-husband
by: JT

If that's you in the picture, woman you have nothing to worry about. Your husband is a very lucky man!

There's a word for this now!
by: Anonymous


Well, we're about 50 and we've recently become aware of the word "bootylicious" which was defined as a woman having a firm round butt.

My wife is definitely "bootylicious" and you just may be too :-}

Be happy that your husband appreciates your bootyliciousness!

by: Anonymous

you have the perfect figure every man in the world will be envying your bloke

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