Will She? Or Will I?

by Ledulch Hichikibu
(Tokyo, Japan)

Dear Stella,
I Need an Advice. It was Just, I have a Problem about my Friend who I Love. I met her when I was in grade 6, and I always works with her in school activities. At First, I Don’t Notice her that much but last year there was a time that I noticed her because she said she likes me. After that I asked for her number and we became good friends and I didn’t notice that I was falling in love with her. I didn’t court her because I don’t want her to be distracted in her studies and especially me because I’m on the top of the class. So one night we made A deal like were going to be Boyfriend and Girlfriend but not for real, so it started that she’s so sweet and I fell in love with her more. She was Sweet, Caring, always concerned about me and everything, she was like my savior and the one that I tell my problems. But few months after, her cellphone was confiscated by her sister, so our communication cut-off. The only communication was the Facebook. I appreciate her efforts just to contact me and I thank her for that. Whenever I see her it makes my day complete. I always catch her looking at me. I don’t get jealous about her Crush (Her Crush before Me) and I always tease her about she and her crush and she always get mad at me. We fight always but just shallow and we always reconcile afterwards.

But I just notice this last 3 weeks, she changed a lot. Like she don’t care about what I do and also, doesn’t care about me. We still have communication, I say I Love You but she’ll just Say Haha, Our conversations are not like before like if I say I Love You, she’ll say I Love You Too properly but now it’s either she’ll change the topic or have nonsense replies. It’s not like her anymore, I wanted to confront her about her sudden change but I can’t, my friends told her about my prolem and she said that she didn’t change but I can see it and feel it. It’s been my problem, not to mention that she’s my first crush so is my first love. What will I do? Will I Forget her or will I just give her time to think and she’ll return to what she used to be?? Please Help Me Stella, I Know it’s not too much but can you help me??

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