Work colleague

by Colin

Wow - where to start - Single guy meets girl at work who is amazing. They spend time together at shopping centres, go for burgers at lunch, meet under the trees in the park, spend a night at a hotel and then at my place.

Sounds wonderful hey... PLUS we get to see each other every day at work... BUT - she's engaged to be married in a few months. We see each other on weekends for about an hour or two, or she stays over when he goes away...

I really enjoy her ideas, thoughts and passions as well as our intimacy. I hate the idea of her going home to him.... I had to draw the line and tell her about how I wanted her and that her fiance would feel hurt.

Here lies the problem... she stated that she wasn't going to leave him. Well the other day she quit. The boss gave her two weeks notice and she has left. Ideal for her and me. But she doesn't call.

I should leave it or what should I do... ? I want her so much and miss her so much at work.



Let it go. You were infatuated with her, and you miss the fun and games, and the magic of passion.
But you are lucky that you lost her. She is a cheat and a liar. Cheating on her fiance before the wedding even!

You never would have trusted her. One day you will understand how lucky you got on this one.


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