Worried About Late Night Skinny Dips

by Cass

I am a 28 year old woman. I live with my 32 year old fiance in a house he inherited from his grandma. The house has a pool. My fiance loves for us to go out for late night skinny dips in the pool. Before that, he loves for me to flash him and jiggle my boobs while I have a towel wrapped around me before I get in. This gets him rock hard.

Our place is pretty secluded. Still, the other night, a bunch of our friends dropped by unannounced and were laughing their ass off at us, and we had to get down right hostile to get them to leave.

Now, I am self-conscious about them coming back or anyone else seeing us in the pool. But my fiance is wanting me to hit the water with him as he loves that. How do I deal?


From Stella:

How did the friends get in? Did they just walk into your yard uninvited? (That's trespassing). Let them all know in no uncertain terms that they must call first before just "dropping in" that late.

And keep on with your Late Night Skinny Dips! It sounds like it is spicing up your intimate life together, and that's a good thing. Your mate is more important than "what people might think"


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