Worry over husband's fidelity

I love my husband very much. A couple of years ago I went through some bad problems which put a strain on our marriage. I have always been insecure, but around that time I began to wonder if my husband had started to stray due to the strain I put on our marriage. There were a few little hints which I could have misinterpreted, as I tend to be a jealous person.

One thing that concerned me; I went through his wallet (I know this was terrible on my part) and I saw that on his id card which comes with the wallet had been whited out and scribbled over. Also, he removed a sticker from the back of the car which identifies the subdivision in which we live. I have asked him repeatedly if he had been involved with another woman, and he swears up and down that he has never cheated on me.

To further complicate matters, I have developed a severe phobia of HIV and the thought that he could have been with someone else and putting me at risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease has been almost unbearable for me. I want him to come clean so I can know that if he was involved with someone else, that it is truly over. I don't want to get an HIV test if this thing is still going on. Help.

Answer from Stella:
Gee, this is a hard one to answer, as it does seem like you might be making too much over some small things. However, this is not to say that your gut instinct is wrong. Maybe he IS cheating on you. We recently launched a new page which may well provide the help you are looking for: Signs of a Cheating Mate

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